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  1. Climbing Partners

    I'm in Leavenworth for the entire week July 29th- August 3rd and looking for partners! I lead sport 10s and have followed trad, but never placed gear. Hit me up! 202-215-3204 -Joe
  2. Mid Week Climbing Partners

    Hello! I'm free the week of July 22nd and hoping to climb as much as possible. I climb sport and love peak bagging, but specifically am visiting the area to take a mountaineering and alpine climbing course with AAI the week prior...hoping to put those skills to use (glacier travel, snow climbs, summits, etc.). Also open to sport climbing! Cell is 202-215-3204 -Joe
  3. Looking for Climbing/Skiing Partners

    Hey Lee, I'm taking some time off from work this summer- will be in Cascades for July and August, climbing and taking a mountaineering/alpine climbing course with AAI. I am most experienced with sport climbing, peak bagging, and backpacking. I have my WFR. I love alpine scrambles and hoping to gain more technical knowledge this summer. 202-215-3204. -Joe