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  1. Partner for 23-24 Easy-Difficult

    Hello - I would like to get out tomorrow, but don't have the time to do a WA pass trip. I'm looking to crag if that works. Index if the weather holds or tieton/vantage if it doesn't. I have a "mild procedure" wednesday and can't be out too late. should give a little info: Nearly 20 years climbing experience - Onsight 11+ sport and 10+/11- trad. Relaxed climbing attitude - like to try hard with a good partner, but fine with just being outside climbing mellow stuff. Eric
  2. Hello, Looking for partner at index on the 26th, probably early morning to beat crowds or heat. I've been climbing for about 15 years, 39 yo, can on-sight trad in the 10 + range mid 11's sport. Got gear if we need it, and experienced. Up for beer after! 3one2-62three-one95four -Eric
  3. Chris and Chelsea from Seattle...you out there?

    Jared, I believe my wife, Carly, and I met you on MHC that same day, we were just ahead of you. Wondering if you had some time in August 25-28 to do something? Enchantments, Acid Baby/Valkrie or over to WA pass for something on SEWS/NEWS or Silverstar. Sorry to disappoint if you were expecting this to be a reply from Chris/chelsea, but i do hope you hear from them. All the best. Eric
  4. Rapelling in to Slow Children?

    Hello. I'm looking to top rope solo some routes at Index, specifically Slow Children, does anyone have any beta on approaching from the top if possible to attempt this? Thank you