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  1. I was thinking about skiing Shata sometime next week (anytime between 07/22 and 07/26). I know how this sounds at this time of the year....I'm not looking for good skiing and I know this will mean carrying skis a long way but I was planning to go up Mt. Shasta anyway and I'd rather bring my skis and ski down as far as I can. Looking at some of the information available out there it looks that the Hotlum-Wintum ridge could be in ok conditions well into July in normal snowpack years. Well, if someone is willing to join let me know. Also, any beta or recommendations for a potential solo trip up there will be much appreciated.
  2. I'm on the road and planning so spend late June and most of July in the PNW. I already have plans to ski Rainier with a friend, but besides that I would be down for any skiing or Alpine climbing. I'm available all week and pretty flexible with traveling. I have AIARE 1 and companion rescue. 10+ years experience sports, big wall and Alpine climbing. Have crevasse rescue training as well. I have all my gear including full rock rack with me. Let me know if you are interested.
  3. Midweek Baker Ascent

    Hi guys, I'm on the road and I was planning to spend in WA from late-June through mid-July (I could be flexible with dates). I have AIARE I and companion rescue and training with crevasse rescue. I would be interested in Baker if dates could work or any other skimo or mountaineering ascents. elmataix@gmail.com