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  1. Shit weather

    I'd love to go. I've been to the top 3 times over the past year. I don't have much gear for anything technical though so I would probably need to stick to the south side route. I'm safe, in pretty good shape and motivated. My name is Luke. Only caveat is that I'd need to start climbing late Friday night or early Saturday morning so I could be back to the car about 11 or 12. I've got a commitment on Saturday night. Give me a call or text 503-819-6680 if interested.
  2. Hood this weekend?

    I'd love to do Hood this weekend. I'm a relatively new climber though. Been up the south side 3 times via the Pearly Gates. Never done Reid on any of the other routes. I only have 1 ice axe too. If you want to do something gnarly I probably can't go unless you want to teach me. I'm in good shape and a quick learner but inexperienced.