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  1. Kautz Route up Rainier

    i Could be talked into it. Shoot me a PM with details.
  2. Cassin Ridge 2019

    If you were looking at 2020 I may be interested
  3. Banff ice

    You have partners the rest of the time? I’m looking to get up there later
  4. Hood this weekend?

    Anyone interested in Hood this weekend via one of the icier lines? (Reid, DKH)?
  5. Leavenworth, WA Ice Conditions?

    Is it fat enough to survive the weekend?
  6. Best I could offer is a day trip this weekend. Let me know
  7. Alex789, I’m interested in tackling ham and eggs if you want to commit to that type of a climb.
  8. Denali 2018?

    My ideal timeframe is 2019. What route are you considering?
  9. I'm moving to Olympia in January and will know absolutely no one outside of work. Looking for climbing partners. I've done Liberty Ridge, North Ridge of Baker and several climbs in the southwest (where I currently live). I handle 5.10 and 5.11s in the gym and can lead 5.10 and WI3 comfortably (WI4 uncomfortably). Looking for partners for the gym or summer rock and Alpine attempts. Thanks
  10. Denali West Buttress 2016

    May be interested in this. Shoot me a pm
  11. need partner in Phoenix this weekend 3/21

    Still need a partner?
  12. BD Express Ice Screws

    PM sent