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  1. Some say I've fully moved in and am bivying at Mondo to this very day.
  2. We *barely* made it with my 66m, but this is correct. Biner blocks would probably work with 5m of tag line and a 60m. Would not recommend anything less than 70m without that knowledge though. Also, there are at least 8-10 bolts on route that are hand-loose. I dunno how they were attached, but we had to use our ATCs to screw them tight (they conveniently fit the lightening hole profile of the BD guide ATC perfectly). Little scary to see so many loose bolts though, they might need a different style of nut. Also, the intermediate rap anchor next to P3 is very well hidden, keep looking on the big dirt ledge 4ish bolts up P3. Fun route!
  3. Looking to do this pretty soon, I have a 70m that a buddy hit with a pick on a mixed route...causing it to be a 66m. Are any raps going to be too long for a 66m rope?
  4. Left a Ghost Whisperer down in the gulley at the base of Prime Rib of Goat near Mazama. Please contact me if you've found it, beer money will be provided for its return!
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