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  1. Mt. Washington

    Imon and Drederek, I'm looking for more partners to explore the Olympics with. I'm up in Bremerton. I'm usually free on the weekends.
  2. Partner for Mont Blanc - Summer 2018

    Hi PellucidWombat, I'll be in France and Switzerland the first 3 weeks of July. I'm looking to climb July 9-18th and definitely interested in doing Mont Blanc. I live about an hour outside of Seattle in Bremerton and could meet up to do some climbing prior to July. Shoot me an email and we can start to workout details if you're still looking for partners. david.failla.ii at gmail -David
  3. Climbing this weekend?

    Looking to climb Guye Peak - South Gully or head to Tieton for some rock climbing. I'm also open to other objectives.
  4. WANTED Scraps of Tyvek

    Buckshot, thanks for the heads up. I picked up some scrap from a yard today.
  5. Vantage Tomorrow? 3/18

    Planning on heading to Vantage tomorrow and still looking for partner, anyone in Seattle interested?
  6. WANTED Scraps of Tyvek

    I'm on the search for a 105"x48" scrap of Tyvek for a tent ground cloth. Or you can let me know if you seen some accessible construction sites around town...
  7. Mountain Hardwear EV 2 tent, new, $500

    Hi Rhat, I'm interested in your tent, sent PM
  8. 2016/17 Ice Conditions

    Anyone getting out this weekend???
  9. Mt. Hood in next two months

    Hey fedorZ, I'm interested in joining you, but I won't be able to go until March. Shoot me an email to work out details david.failla.ii at gmail
  10. Index Saturday

    I'd like to climb at Index this Saturday and looking for partner. I would like to get on some 10s and possibly do DHLA
  11. Dragontail's Gerber-Sink anyone?

    Hey Lee, I'm interested in joining you on the Gerber-Sink. Shoot me an email and we can work out the details. David david.failla.ii@gmail.com
  12. Exfoliation Dome Beta

    We're looking to climb at Exfoliation Dome this weekend and are looking for some weather beta. Will the granite sidewalk be wet? Will the routes dry out quickly after the rain/snow there today? Thanks for anything you got.
  13. Index tomorrow (4/10)

    I'm looking to get out to Index tomorrow and I am in need of a partner. I was thinking of getting on Princely Ambitions to Beak or Davis-Holland to Lovin' Arms Shoot me an email if you want to get out. david.failla.ii@gmail.com
  14. Climb Sunday

    Hey Dan, I'm interested in getting out tomorrow. Either Castle or Index works for me. I'm comfortable leading 10s, but I am new to Washington and don't have much experience with Washington rock. Send me an email or text if you're still looking for a partner. David david.failla.ii@gmail.com 614 657 1466
  15. updated-Climbing books for sale! alpine rock WA OR

    Hi astrov, I sent you PM about some of the books