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  1. Hey, just sent ya a message about the Ptarmigan Traverse. Thanks!
  2. Send ya a message about the pitons two days ago!
  3. Where ya located and how is the battery life on this watch?
  4. Bibler sold a while back, and was replaced with another Bibler! Thanks for inquiring.
  5. Good question. Not custom, they were originally purchased about 10 years ago, maybe they were using different material at that time. They are definitely baffled rather than sewn through as you can feel the baffle material. For comparison, below is a photo of way too many down pants from different years, the Front Point M, Volant XL, Volant M, Helios S. The medium helios are from about 15 years ago, not sure on age of the helios pants and front point pants. Seems like FF has changed their shell material and down weight over the years. What do you think?
  6. Feathered Friends Volant Pants - XL - down, fully baffled, little use in their lifetime so far, stored open, not compressed, just a bit baggy for me, replaced then recently with mediums, but would possibly be open to a trade for larges as the mediums are a tad snug. -$250 Located in Portland, happy to ship. also have a new patagonia DAS Light hoody, men’s medium purple (225), and small OR Alti gloves (50)
  7. Hello, Have a Bibler I Tent, single vent, two pole, removable mesh bug net entrance, Todd-Tex I believe. One corner, where the poles attach to the floor has a rip through the floor fabric, and all 4 corner reinforcement material squares are pulling away from the tent but still attached. Otherwise, I don’t notice any other flaws. Any interest? Not sure what the going rate is for such a relic. Located in Portland, but open to shipping. Let me know what you think.
  8. Black Diamond C3 Yellow #2 $50
  9. Have two jackets for sale, located in Portland, happy to ship Rab Xenon X Small Brand New with Tags - $130 shipped $120 picked up -SOLD Xenon X medium lightly used, a few small stains did not come out with a recent wash with tech wash - stains shown in photos - $110 shipped $100 picked up. - AVAILABLE Top pick by outdoorgearlab - https://www.outdoorgearlab.com/topics/clothing-mens/best-insulated-jacket
  10. New with tags Rab Xenon X Hoody. Bought new and ended up being a little too small for me. Current model. $120 picked up in Portland, $130 shipped conus
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