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  1. for sale Approach ski setup

    I’ll take them if we can figure out a meet up. I’m located in Portland. With pretty open availablity.
  2. Anyone lose a bd atc guide belay device on the summit block of Mt Washington? Found one a week ago, happy to return it
  3. Lowe Camp - Camp Tricam set #0.5, 1, 1.5, 2, 2.5, 3, 3.5, 4, 5, 6 10 total I can’t sneak up on anything with these so they need to go SOLD Portland, OR can ship
  4. Looking for something like the Petzl Ride or Gully or Camp Corsa Nanotech if anyone has one they want to sell. Thanks
  5. Hello, Looking to get a lighter pair of crampons for splitboard adventures. Something like the Camp XLC 470. Have to be semi-auto or capable or being converted to semi auto. Located in Portland. Thank you.
  6. **sale pending on #3 Some wear from being carried around $45 per cam picked up in PDX $50 per cam shipped
  7. Metolius Powercams, full set minus the #1, slings range from 2014 to 2017, all re-slung by Metolius. The #4 is missing an o-ring on one side of the axel/lobes. All cams have smooth and fluid action. Lobes have minimal wear. Could include a #1 TCU with little to no wear for $335 Located in Portland, open to shipping
  8. Does anyone have recent beta on a winter ascent of Washington or Jack?
  9. Looking to climb Mt. Washington in the next week or so. Does anyone have recent beta on the summit block? Any snow accumulation, pro used, condition of existing slings (should we replace them), and such would be greatly appreciated. Cheers
  10. Is North Sister "Terrible Traverse" dry?

    Terrible traverse is barely noticeable as the thin band of snow just below the summit block.
  11. Is North Sister "Terrible Traverse" dry?

    Successfully climbed North Sister last Monday (9/21). Good thin snow cover to gain the SE ridge from the glacier. Dry rock up to just before the "terrible traverse". For us, the terrible traverse was pretty well covered will snow. We were able to kick deep solid steps the entire length, but the snow was only maybe a foot deep in the best places, and a couple inches deep on others. No snow from the end of the terrible traverse up to the true summit. We use two 30 meter ropes, cams 1-4, and a couple larger nuts. The slings at the top of the bowling alley are in good condition. Not an alarming amount of random rock fall noted. Still a little water at Arrowhead lake.
  12. Looking for some setup like Master cams 1-4 or similar. Let me know what might be available. Thanks