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  1. Partner Tues or Wed

  2. April 28-May

    Looking for partners for next week. had my eye on a few things below but i'm open to about anything rock or snow NE buttress couloir - colchuck SW couloir - south early winters spire cooper, wyeast or leuthold - hood
  3. was hoping to hit up banks this weekend, WTB this guide if anyone has a copy. Taylor
  4. Rainier Partner, would like a mentor :)

    I think it is only against the law if you charge for your services. Its only against the law if you get caught
  5. Trad/alpine partner

    Looking for a couple new people to climb with this year who have some experience trad climbing. I've done a fair amount of sport(lead up to 5.9 and can struggle through some 5.10s following) but have wanted to start transitioning into trad, particularly on some longer day, multi-pitch climbs. I have followed on some trips up shuksan, forbidden and liberty bell. Would like to do a lot more stuff like asap. Happy to do more following/belaying and would love to start learning to lead as well. Don't have a rack, but I do have a car, rope and motivation. PM me if at all interested!
  6. Mt Hood Cooper Spur access

    Whats the best way to access this route in winter time before the road opens and how long will the approach be? I know there's lots of quality routes that are more easily accessible from T-line lodge, i'm just curious.
  7. Mailbox Peak Pass

    pretty sure its a discover
  8. Liz Daley RIP

    This is a blow to the ski world, JP was legend, arguably the biggest contributor to skiing since the beginnning of the freeskiing/newschool revolution around 1995. sad sad sad news
  9. Bad ass link up in the Stuart Range

    I figured that was you, thanks for the response! that was one hell of a day/night, hopefully next time I have the chance to run into you guys its under some better circumstances
  10. Bad ass link up in the Stuart Range

    I must have met these two. I was up there on the 20th attempting to bag witches tower, annapurna and mcclellan car to car. didn't make it back to the bottom of aasgard until around 11pm that day, and in the dark, I watched two headlamps bob down the pass behind me until I hit the lake. about 10 minutes after that, the horrific rock fall Holsten must be talking about went off with them in it. Some fucking how they eventually caught up with me, we exchanged a few words about what happened and off they went with no delay. anyways, great read, amazing to see these stuart range monoliths pushed to their absolute limit
  11. Enchantments/Cashmere Crags opinions

    witches tower is pretty fun scramble if you're in the area - easy class 3 from the south of it. little annapurna is worth the hike up, great views, and if you have an ice axe dragontail is an easy but rewarding objective from that side as well.
  12. I brokered life insurance for about a year and I still don't understand most of the underwriting guidelines. Fact is, every company's underwriting is a little different, some are more favorable for hazardous hobbies and some are less but in the end your rate sometimes just comes down to how nice your underwriter is. I had a couple clients apply and get approved sub-standard only to reapply and get approved preferred just a few short months later with no lifestyle changes. life insurance underwriting is some weird fickle bullshit. my advice, just apply with a couple companies if you can and take the best offer you get.
  13. I live in wenatchee and i'm hoping to start making more trips to icicle this summer. i'm out of work so free time is plentiful, any day works. i'm a noob, I've got a rope and all the gear but i've only top roped and most of my experience tops out around 5.9 stuff. I know most people here are several echelons above my experience level but you gotta start somewhere! i'm willing to learn, listen, and belay slave. please pm if you need a partner in the levenworth/wenatchee area