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  1. Kong GiGi vs ATC Guide

    Recently while on an ice climb a soloist who stopped briefly at my anchor said that the GIGI was much better at belaying a second in "guide mode" than my ATC Guide because of how much easier it is to pull the rope through the device (especially important when climbing quickly on ice). I was wondering if anyone has used both and if the GIGI is that big of an improvement. Thanks
  2. next harness

    Ive been using the BD Aspect for a couple months now and would highly recommend it. It fits well, is light but also provides enough comfort to be bearable.
  3. [TR] Denali - Messner Couloir 6/10/2010

    Wow, some really cool pictures!
  4. [TR] Mount Shuksan - Fisher Chimneys 9/11/2013

    Great TR. Nice photos too!