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  1. Anyone been up to WA Pass on 8/3? Wondering if the haze is less up there than down in the valley.
  2. Sounds like the gear has been ID'd by someone whose car was broken into at the TH for Boston Basin recently.
  3. Stolen gear on Craigslist? There's a pile of gear (cams, rope, crampons, ice screw, blue biweave rope, yellow Mad Rock chalkbag) for sale on craigslist, in Sultan, WA, marked with green tape, purple nail polish, saying - get this - "camlocks, beaners anchors, pair crampsons". If you know of anyone who's had gear stolen, check it out and pass it on. Over on Facebook on the Climb Index group, someone remarked they are set up to meet this person tomorrow (8/2) with the intention of figuring out what's going on. The c-list link: https://seattle.craigslist.org/see/spo/d/climbing-gear/6245357206.html