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  1. Alpha SV and MHW Pack sold. All else still available! Price drops!
  2. Buy this stuff. Prices negotiable. If you think the price is way off, make an offer. Discounts for multiple purchases. Willing to meet in PDX or SLC/Alta (12/29 – 1/2). I’m willing to ship, but you pay for shipping. Paypal friends and family. Otherwise you pay fees. I can provide additional photos upon request. Apparel: Arc’Teryx Alpha SV – Men’s M: sold This is it. The be all, end all of alpine hard shells. And I barely used it. Kind of a shame really, but my loss is your gain. Complete with Gore ProShell. This is one of the last pieces to be manufactured by Arc’Teryx in Canada. There are no noticeable signs of wear. Never washed (didn’t need to, I barely used it). Arc’Teryx Kappa AR Hoody – Men’s L: $150 Light enough to be a belay parka for alpine routes, durable enough to wear on cold days in the resort, breathable enough to be your go-to layer when it’s nuking on your hut trip in BC , this jacket does so many things well. A small discoloration on the sleeve where something dripped on it. Otherwise, is excellent condition. Arc’Teryx Gamma MX Hoody – Men’s L: $140 The true-all ‘rounder softshell. I’ve had one of these since 2005. I bought this one as a replacement when my other one wore out. Jokes on me. First gamma mx hoody is still going strong and this jacket is just sitting in the closet. This thing is great for ski touring, alpine climbing, ice climbing, and the ladies love it. You really can’t go wrong with this piece. IceBreaker Full Zip 300 Weight Merino – Men’s M: $50 Is it a technical piece you can wear to work, or a “lifestyle” piece you use in the mountains? Wear it on your next Tinder date and find out. IceBreaker Blast Vest - Men's L: $35 Windproof in front, breathable in the back. Merino wool everywhere. Special discount if you have a mullet. Photos required at checkout. Mountain Hardwear PacLite Rain Pants – Men’s L - $30 Light. Lightly used. GoreTex PacLite. The perfect pant for stashing in your pack on hikes, climbs, or any time you want to keep your ass dry. Packs: Mountain Hardwear Direttessima 46 – Medium - sold The perfect size for overnight alpine missions and ski mountaineering. Features like an avy gear pocket, reinforced ski carry straps, and the ability to remove the lid for day trips and summit attempts make this pack the only one you really need for most days in the mountains. I could probably sell all my other packs (they reproduce at an alarming rate) and retain nearly all the functionality by holding on to this one. But it’s a lot easier to just sell one pack. Signs of wear but still in fully functional and very good shape. Dynafit Broad Peak 28 - $80 -If you like to go fast and light, but you have enough self-respect to avoid wearing spandex as an outer layer, this pack is for you. Plenty of space for full day tours. Cool features: put your skis on your pack without taking it off, crampon/skin pocket accessible with the pack on for quick transitions (i.e. ready faster than your buddy so you can snake his line easier). Also has nice mesh pockets on the outside for carrying wet gloves, crushed beer cans, or anything else you don’t want to put inside your pack. Signs of wear along the bottom of pack. Functions as intended. Willing to trade for: Patagonia Gore Untracked Pants. New, unused Intuition Pro Tour 26/26.5,
  3. Thanks Fuzzymuzzle. Updated with remaining available items.
  4. Due to other sales, I'm keeping the MHW pack. MHW Sub Zero sold. Mammut helmet pending.
  5. Arc'Teryx Alpha SL (Green) $100 - Men's M: Gore-tex pac light shell. Bomb proof. In good shape. Small stain on the right sleeve from chairlift drip. Patagonia Down Sweater Hoody (Gray) $120 - Men's L: Perfect shape. Only worn a handful of time. http://www.backcountry.com/patagonia-down-sweater-full-zip-hooded-jacket-mens?CMP_SKU=PAT00FO&MER=0406&skid=PAT00FO-FEAGREGRE-L&CMP_ID=PLA_GOc001&mv_pc=r101&utm_source=Google&utm_medium=PLA&mr:trackingCode=F34D7109-212C-E511-80F1-005056944E17&mr:referralID=NA&mr:device=c&mr:adType=plaonline&gclid=CjwKEAiAoaXFBRCNhautiPvnqzoSJABzHd6hqvWUuoJo6ZnLbW6raSigDU4ATLUGDespJOxOjTxk9RoCAJTw_wcB&gclsrc=aw.ds Salewa Piuma 2 $60: Brand new, in box. Ordered from Europe but it took too long to get here before a trip so I bought a different lid. My loss is your gain. Weighs 230g. PM me with your email for photos. All prices OBO. Based out of Portland. Will ship. PayPal preferred. You cover fees.
  6. Trip: Middle Sister - North Ridge via Hayden Glacier Date: 6/30/2014 Trip Report: Headed up Middle Sister this past weekend. Climbing route is in great shape. Skiing conditions were pretty dicey. Snow line is about the same at tree-line. Full TR here: http://kickturner.blogspot.com/2014/07/humble-pie-on-middle-sister.html Gear Notes: AT gear, crampons, ice axe, helmet. No protection needed. Approach Notes: About 5 mile approach via Pole Creek Trail to Hayden Glacier
  7. I've been on the Rossi bc 125 for three seasons now, and I would recommend them for any long approach, meadow skipping, or as a general volcano ski. The fish scales hardly reduce your speed. The movement on flats is far superior to skins. Best suited for rolling, or flat terrain with no skins. With skins, they're just like any other alpine ski. I did a review of the bc 125 a while back...might answer some more questions. http://kickturner.blogspot.com/2013/06/gear-review-rossignol-bc-125-skis.html#more
  8. It sounds like your primary purpose is to use the skis as a means of transportation, more so than crushing epic powder lines. If that's right, I would recommend the Rossi BC 125s. I really like my Rossi BC 125s for ski mountaineering. With a tight turning radius and low weight, I can maneuver them easily is tight terrain or bad snow conditions. They hold an edge reasonably well for a light weight ski. The two reasons to go with BC 125s over the K2 Mt. Baker (similar style ski, weigh about the same) are: (1) the BC 125s have fish scales like a xc ski, so you can move faster with less energy on long approaches. This makes them suitable for ski traverses too. They are a little slower on the downhill compared to a standard ski, but not by much when they are on edge. (2) They are cheap (they retail for $350). That said, the Mt. Bakers, or any of the lightweight BD skis will serve you well. I did a review of the BC 125s on my blog: http://kickturner.blogspot.com/2013/06/gear-review-rossignol-bc-125-skis.html#more
  9. Sorry for the long delay but here is my updated review. The only question left unanswered is durability, which doesn't seem like it should be an issue. But I will update if it is. http://kickturner.blogspot.com/2013/07/gear-review-cilogear-30z-field-review.html#more
  10. Hey All, so I drove by Mt. Washington today on my way back from Bend and it looks like the season is over for the NW bowl. The thin strip of snow we skied last weekend is gone. Has anyone been on Cooper Spur or Snowdome recently?
  11. Trip: Mt. Washington - NW Bowl Date: 6/29/2013 Trip Report: Got up on Mt. Washington's NW bowl to get some late-season turns last weekend. The snow is melting fast but there might still be some left if you're trying to come up with good 4th of July plans. Mosquitoes weren't the worst i've see. See my whole trip report at: http://kickturner.blogspot.com/2013/06/mt-washington-62913.html
  12. Hey all, I didn't realize this thread had gotten activity! Thanks PCG for fielding questions. I'm heading up Mt. Washington Saturday and I'll post my updated review early next week. Maybe I'll see some of you good folks out there? So far the lack of insulated hydration sleeve hasn't been a issue for volcano season. I have always been skeptical of insulated sleeves anyway. For me the Avy gear pocket is great, though I wouldn't mind it in an internal pocket on the outside of the pack (a la the BD alias). Sandwiching soft gear between the back panel and avy gear has always produced the best compression for me. The reasoning for having the avy gear inside the pack is to avoid any of it getting lost if YOU are taken for a ride. Shovels, probes or anything else are likely to be lost if they are attached to the outside of your pack. In a multiple burial situation, you might be called to help search for someone else after your buddies have pulled you out. CiloGear also offers an aftermarket shovel/probe pocket that attaches to the outside of your pack. If you like a different model that they make and want to be able to transition the pack from alpine/rock to alpine/ski, then maybe thats the solution for you. Or if you want your avy gear on the outside of the pack. As PCG mentioned, the hip pocket is the weakest part of the design. I have a whole bunch of gripes about it. It might be worth asking Graham to throw in the standard 30L worksack hipbelt instead of the 30z hipbelt if you order. Or maybe they will fix the hip pocket design before next season.
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