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  1. Hello to everyone, I'm fairly similar skill set to most in here. I have done Hood, Rainier, Adams, 14ers in CO etc. also an avid skier/ ski tourer. Have AIARE LVL 1 cert. Would love to meet some new people and do some climbing this summer. 28 and in good shape. Living in PDX area.
  2. Josh, thanks for the invite. Unfortunately, I am on call NYE and NYD. Have a great trip.
  3. Hey everyone, I just moved back to the NW after a brief stay in Colorado. Looking for some touring partners. I live in the Portland area, but willing to drive up to Rainier on some weekends. Also interested in Hood and central Oregon skiing. I'm AIARE level 1 certified, in good shape, but not a Ski Mo racer type. Just looking to get out and enjoy the snow. Looking for other safe, fun partners. Shoot me a message if interested. Thanks!
  4. Willing to ship if buyer pays actual shipping cost. Can be done via pay pal. Make me an offer.
  5. Hey everyone. I'm moving, so I'm selling off some older gear. I've got a pair of 27.5 Factor 130s. These were my first AT boots. I picked them up at an REI Garage sale about 2 seasons ago. They were marked down for missing the bolt that controls the Ski/Walk mode. I had this replaced at Black Diamond HQ when I passed through SLC last time. Last season I replaced the soles with new Alpine, not AT, soles since I was using them with Salomon Guardian bindings. Soles have about 10 days on them. All buckles work. BOA system still works well. Shells are scuffed, but still functional. I'm offering these for $50 picked up in the PDX area. Thanks!
  6. Thanks for that info! Much appreciated. Going to give it a go.
  7. Thanks! Just heard it can be a little sketchy with some fresh snow on it, but not enough to fill in all the rocks.
  8. Anyone been up this week? I know the weather has been poor, but thinking about going up tomorrow am for the weekend. Trying to figure out how much snow has fallen, of Asgaard pass is safe, etc. Thanks
  9. I passed along your listing to another mountaineering friend of mine in NC. Good luck with the sale.
  10. Whits is a strong climber. Another strong climber will have no problem making the summit with him.
  11. Climbing info center opens at 6am for registration. I believe you can self register after hours, too.
  12. Awesome. Hope it works out for you. I've never done anything as intense/committing as Lib Ridge, so maybe some folks that have tackled the route can give some more insight to their fuel consumption if the use a canister stove. I would definitely make sure you have a reserve canister. I would rather carry a few extra oz of weight than run out of fuel for water. Example...I always take a small titanium pot, 4oz fuel, and pocket rocket on my summit bids in case I need to brew up at some point. Careful with the pocket rocket though, it can be a little unstable/top heavy compared to something like the whisperlite. It doesn't hold the wider base pots very well (msr stowaway 1.1L or similar). You will also get better performance from it If you can keep the canisters warm, and don't place them directly on the snow. Not always possible, I know. Other than that, it's a great stove.
  13. What's your elevation going to be? Will you be boiling the snow or just melting? Boiling water for meals? I can usually get 2-3 days per 8oz canister on mine. This is using it for melting snow for 3-4L/day at ~10k, and boiling 0.5L for dinner at night. I also don't run mine on full burn. Usually about half open. I think MSR says you'll get around 1hr on full flame per 8oz, with avg boil time under 4mins. You should be ok with 1 8oz canister each, and maybe 1 4oz canister to split as a back up.
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