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  1. Paradise Questions

    Couple newbie questions - We arrive in SeaTac after 11PM tonight and wanted to begin hiking up towards camp hazard at about 8AM. Is it an option to sleep in our car overnight at the Paradise parking lot if we just drove straight there tonight? What's a good place to buy jetboil canisters and white gas on the drive from SeaTac to Paradise given the late hour? Finally, is the ranger station open for registrations before 8AM at all? We have our climbing passes / camping reservations already but would just need to sign in. Thanks for any info.
  2. Kautz Glacier - Memorial Day

    Awesome, thanks for the responses. It'll be a bit of a gamble with the weather since we'll be flying in for this climb.
  3. Kautz Glacier - Memorial Day

    Weather aside, does late May (Memorial day weekend) afford access and decent climbing conditions on the Kautz Glacier? I've found more July trip reports on that route than ones from May so was curious what (if any) the issues are with climbing that route in May. I'd appreciate any insight. Thanks!
  4. Rainier DC Aug 16 - 18

    Hi All, One person on our 3-person rope team bound for Rainier (Disappointment Cleaver) had to drop out due to injury so we're looking for a replacement. I've 3 climbing passes and reservations for Camp Muir for the nights of August 16 and 17. We'll be flying in to Seattle late on Thursday (8/15) night and back out to Denver on Sunday (8/18) night at roughly 7PM. The team member that can still make it has some glacier experience from travels in Peru and both of us have taken basic crevasse rescue classes. We have a fair amount of experience with snow / ice travel, gear, rope-work and camping through ice-climbs and general winter mountaineering in CO but are fairly limited in our experience with glaciers. We both realize the seriousness of Cascade climbing and would really look to learn all we can from locals during our visit and hopefully make some connections in the cascades (happy to reciprocate if you guys are ever interested in CO peaks). Please PM me for details if you're interested in joining us. I will have to call the ranger station to have the name changed on the climbing pass. Thanks. Prakash