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  1. Glacier Peak in August

    With the exception of the 16th, I am free the rest of the month
  2. Glacier Peak in August

    PM Sent
  3. Rainier DC route Late June

    I am available anytime in July after the 14th (riding STP).
  4. Rainier DC route Late June

    Way late in this thread I know, but if anyone is climbing in July and has room for another member I would love to come along. I have done a few glacier climbs in the past (Sahale and Baker) but have not gotten up Rainier yet. Just climbed up to Muir on Saturday and am feeling strong so ready to go for it.
  5. Mountaineers

    I completed the basic course through the Tacoma branch this past year and am found the experience to be some odd mix of Army basic training and a full semester of college. This is not to say that these are bad things, just that the course requires a lot of time, commitment, and discipline. An important component is, as Cale stated above, keep an open mind. There are many excellent instructors in the Mountaineers (as well as the standard level of douchebags) and I rarely found the level of dogma for which the Mounties are reputed, not saying it isn't there, just not as bad. Anyhoo, just my .02