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  1. Leather or Plastic Boots?

    I love my Nepal Evo's. Mostly summer climbing on Rainier and Hood. Never have done anything in the winter with them. But love the feel and fit. I have narrow feet and they seem to be the only boots that fit well.
  2. Rainier Kautz Glacier

    Maybe I will shoot for the week of July 12th. Right in the middle and just hope for the best. Thanks
  3. Rainier Kautz Glacier

    I am planning on doing the Kautz glacier route on Rainier this upcoming summer. I was wondering the best time to do this. I was going to have it guided with RMI. They have June 9th,30th July 12, Aug 2 and Aug 11 for dates. Didn't know when would be the best time to go giving me the best window to summit. Thanks Frank
  4. Boot care

    Where would I be able to pick some of that stuff at?
  5. I wish my son was old enough to go climb, but at 4 months I think I have a little while. Looks like beautiful weather up there.
  6. Boot care

    Ok. I have a pair of powermatic by ASOLO full leather boots. And they have lasted for years. Just didn't know if the Nepal evos needed anything special . Thanks
  7. Boot care

    I recently bought a pair of la sportiva Nepal evos and was wondering what type of care products I should use to keep these boots in top shape?
  8. Looked like a good time. Awesome conditions. What an endeavor.
  9. [TR] Denali - Cassin Ridge 6/2/2012

    Awesome TR. Great photos and video. Looks like a great group of guys to climb with.
  10. FS: M's La Sportiva Nepal Evo GTX sz 42.5

    When did you buy the boots?
  11. Mountaineers

    That is one thing I have learned about instruction is always take things with a grain of salt and an open mind some people lean way way or another. I definetly am going to cherry pick my way through some courses by different groups that way I am just well rounded and didn't learn everything by a particular group. A broad range of instruction is better than a narrow one side.
  12. Mountaineers

    Thanks for all the info. The last thing I want is an unfit group of people being drug up the mountain. That is why I am hoping doing the kautZ glacier will eliminate those people.
  13. Mountaineers

    I a planning on doing the kautz glacier seminar with rmi, juSt to get some first hand experience climbing. Does anyone have experience with rmi or similar group on learning mountaineering first aid? Also hoping to team up with some of you to gain some skills and knowledge
  14. Mountaineers

    Is anyone here members of the Olympia Mountaineers? Looking to join a group to start climbing and learning the ropes and safety and wanted to know your experiences with them. Thanks Frank