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  1. SBP staff facility?

    Small family. Thoughts to everybody involved.
  2. Remains of Alex Lowe found

    It will be nice to bring them home and give some closure to the families. They inspired a lot of people including me
  3. Leavenworth theft

    That must be infuriating. Thanks for sharing and hope you find some good deals of new stuff.
  4. Trip: Mt St Helens - Winter Route Date: 4/10/2016 Trip Report: Joined the masses to climb Mt St Helens on Sunday. Less than a mile hike to continuous snow where we started skinning. The snow was hard packed/icy until it got baked in the sun. Then it turned into nice spring corn. Spring skiing is definitely here. Approach Notes: Bring light shoes for approach.
  5. Layers for Summer

    I would start with easy climbs using the gear you got and figure out what you need as you go. Most of my mountaineering gear is also my backpacking gear. Warm down jacket is important for the bigger mountains and nice for the smaller mountains. My little list would be - Synthetic base layers (t-shirt & long sleeve) - Water proof jacket (light weight can work) - Wind/Water proof pants - Long johns - GOOD BOOTS - GOOD Socks Sounds like your on the right track. Cheap synthetic clothes are easy to find at second hand stores. Doesn't have to be pretty or expensive, it only has to work.
  6. Darrington's Squire Creek is on fire!

    Hopefully they will do "emergency repairs" to the road, which typically are good enough to be permanent.