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  1. for sale FS W'rn Mtneering and MH Sleeping Bags

    Good day, I am interested in your Western mountaineering Sycamore MF 6'6" 25 degree, Red down bag. I PM'd you....will you contact me via PM? Thanks. Eric PapaSherpa still interested....4/28/18
  2. Julbo - Vaude - Arc'Teryx

    **JULBO glasses are sold**
  3. Julbo - Vaude - Arc'Teryx

    ***The Arc'Teryx Bora Pack is no longer for sale****
  4. Julbo - Vaude - Arc'Teryx

    ****The Vaude Vesametric 65 Proof backpack has been SOLD****
  5. Julbo - Vaude - Arc'Teryx

  6. Julbo - Vaude - Arc'Teryx

    bump for free shipping.
  7. Julbo - Vaude - Arc'Teryx

    Good day everyone, I have a pair of Julbo Bivouak Camel Sunglasses for sale. They are in excellent condition. In fact, they have not even been outdoors. I bought them hoping they would fit my big head.... yea, I have a big mellon (my wife will probably laugh out-loud when she reads this post). Asking $115. Here is a link to see them at the Julbo site: http://www.julbousa.com/mountain/bivouak/ I am selling a Vaude Vesametric 65 Proof backpack. Regular size. Asking $105 - no tears, cuts or abrasions. Here is a link to the pack: http://www.backcountry.com/vaude-versametric-proof-6510-backpack-3967cu-in Lastly, I am selling my Arc'Teryx Bora 80 Tall sized backpack. It is in excellent condition and has no more than 12 days of hiking on it. Asking $225 and here is a link to the pack: http://www.backcountry.com/arcteryx-bora-80-backpack-4700-cu-in **I have too much stuff and things just do not get used like they should. All the items are in good condition. I would not sell junk as I would not want to buy anyone else's. I am happy to send more pictures if you want. ***PS: I will ship to anywhere in the continental USA for free. Hope your day is a good one. Cheers.
  8. FS: Ortovox S1 Beacon $150

    PM'd you.
  9. SOLD

  10. Closet Cleaning: pants, jackets, rock shoes,

    what size are the Mountain Hardwear Chugach insulated pants??? please and thanks
  11. Selling all my equipment some never used

    PM'd about the Tracker 2 and the shovel. thanks. Eric
  12. Squeek

    Thanks for the suggestions.
  13. Squeek

    Ok, so I am a Newbie to mountaineering and thought this might be the best place to pose this question: I have a Vaude Versametric Proof 65+10 Backpack - I know it may not be the best pack, but I got it for $100 brand new last year when I was buying mountaineering equipment. The pack works nice however, it has now developed a squeek. Drives me F'n nuts. Anyone have a suggestion on how to get rid of the squeek? I think the squeek is coming from where the load lifter attaches to the back plate. Here is a link to the pack: http://www.backcountry.com/vaude-versametric-proof-6510-backpack-3967cu-in Any suggestions would be appreciated by my sanity. PapaSherpa
  14. FS: Marmot Alpinist jacket - SOLD

    money sent