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  1. Brand new this season. Didn't have a chance to take them out. $325 shipped. Paypal Friends and Family, or add 3% for fees.
  2. Thanks for the comments so far. I really appreciate it. I found the Icicle Group Campground - https://www.recreation.gov/camping/icicle-group-campground/r/campgroundDetails.do?contractCode=NRSO&parkId=112839 Is this the one you all are referring to, or are there others?
  3. Hi Everyone - This summer I may be bringing a large group (10-18) of adults from an east coast climbing club to experience the climbing in the PNW. I'm no stranger to the Cascades, but I've never been out there with such a large group before. Climbing experience of the group could vary from people who just follow trad to those with technical alpine experience and everything in between. Ideally, we'd pop up a base camp at a campground for however many days and folks could go out on their own day climbs or mini expeditions and return to the camp at night. We've done this sort of thing before in Yosemite, with everyone staying at Tuolumne Meadows. In a perfect world, we'd go into to Boston Basin for a week, but with the permitting system we can't count on that (and not everyone will be glacier ready). I'm familiar with Washington Pass and Leavenworth, so those are the first areas that come to mind that offer an array of climbing for all skill levels. Can anyone recommend any other areas that may be suitable for this type of trip? Most in the group will be rock climbers, but there will be a few that want to climb some moderate glacier routes up something like Baker or Shuksan. Would love to base camp in a centralized location in the park to be able to accommodate a variety of objectives. Moving camps midway throughout the trip isn't out of the question either. Thanks for the help! Bill
  4. Eddie Bauer First Ascent Men's Downlight Alpine Jacket - M - $180 shipped This thing is in like new condition. Only worn a couple of times. No holes, snags or tears. Email wkessing AT gmail.com
  5. Last minute change in plans has left me without a partner for mid week climbing. I'll be in Bellingham beginning tomorrow and free from evening on June 30-July 3. I fly out on the 4th. Looking for rock, alpine, or glacier. (Baker?) email wkessing AT gmail DOT com
  6. Mount Baker/Glacier Peak

  7. FS: Petzl, Mammut

    Petzl Myo XP Headlamp - hardly used - $45 Mammut Creon Light 32 Backpack - only used on a 5 day trek. - $105 Add $5 for shipping.
  8. Black with green side shields. Worn on 1 Mt Rainier trip. Excellent condition. $85 shipped. email wkessing AT gmail DOT com
  9. Truck set-up pics

    Not mine, but awesome set up.. http://www.desktodirtbag.com/pickup-truck-camping/
  10. Mid week Alpine climbing

    Looks like I'm late to the game here, but if this were a day later, I'd be able to join! Maybe next time. Bill
  11. I've got several shells I'd like to sell. All are size Large and are in like new condition. Mountain Hardwear Pinnacle Jacket (Hardshell)--Blue Mountain Hardwear Alchemy Jacket (Softshell)--Blue Mountain Hardwear Dragon Jacket (Softshell)--Blue First Ascent Mountain Guide Jacket (Softshell)--Black First Ascent Mountain Guide Pants (Softshell)--Black First Ascent Mountain Guide Light Pants (Softshell)--Black I'd like to get $100 for each item. If that sounds crazy, then I'll gladly welcome offers. If you take 'em for my asking price, then I'll ship for free. Otherwise, you pay shipping. Email for offers and/or pics. wkessing AT gmail.com Thanks Bill