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  1. Selling all my equipment some never used

    PM sent on Avy gear
  2. FS-Ice axe, pickets

    PM sent on pickets
  3. FS: Apartment Cleaning

    PM sent on Rope Bag
  4. Patagonia, Marmot, Outdoor Research

    PM sent on cams.
  5. FS: North Face Big Wall APEX pants

    PM sent
  6. Screamer, Ice screw, Guide Books, Leatherman ect

    PM on open slings
  7. Emmons/ Rainier partner first wk in June

    I'm trying to get to Rainier in the 7th-10th range before I head back to the midwest for the summer. PM me if you want to chat.
  8. Gear looking for new home

    PM 15
  9. metolius cams

    I have 2 never been used BD screws. How many cams would you trade for 2 screws?
  10. April 13-15, Seattle Area

    I was supposed to climb Baker this weekend but the conditions are looking pretty terrible. I just want to get out. Rock, ice, alpine, you name it. PM me if interested.
  11. Saturday and/or Sunday- Seattle

    I'm a UW student looking to get out this weekend. Whether that be ice, rock, or alpine, I'm up for it. I have experience following WI3 ice and following 5.9 rock. I've taken a couple excursions into the Cascades and done some pretty extensive alpine climbing in Peru. Let me know if you need a partner. Thanks for the consideration.
  12. Climbing partner this weekend Feb 4th/5th

    PM sent
  13. I am a student at the UW and I am looking to get a little more Alpine experience under my belt. I have reached 19,000 ft in Peru and several other peaks in South America and I want to explore what the Northwestern mountains have to offer. I have no car but I do have gas money. Let me know if you would like to get out for some easier alpine routes. Thanks.
  14. My 1st season of Ice and Alpine

    Hey Philip, I'm a student at UW and I would love to climb. I'm pretty new to the area and haven't gotten out climbing as much as I would like so if you are planning something or want to plan something let me know. Thanks. Elliott