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  1. Yeah I was looking into maybe something on thursday or friday, but now looks like another storm is on the way for the weekend. Thanks for the info though.
  2. Nice photos Heinrich. I was wondering if anyone knew if the LO was still open for use?
  3. Huge climbing falls

  4. Rianier May-June

    I grew up in Toledo also, best decision I ever made was leaving that place. Is that one of the signs posted along the Ottawa River by chance?
  5. Rianier May-June

    Why don't you just pack your shit up and move out here for the spring/summer, you know i have a place available....Cheap rent and still no job so all i have is time to go climb.
  6. Rianier May-June

    JJ is that you? Did you finally get an account on here? Get out here to Bellingham sometime soon