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  1. Footwear, Gear, and Books For Sale

    Sent ya a PM regarding the BD poles.
  2. Crazy Ice Fall in Johnson Canyon

    Awesome, nice improvisation on the hoist!
  3. Thermarest Neoair size Large

    yes it is.
  4. Howdy, Up for sale is a large length Thermarest Neoair, 77" of sleeping comfort in a light package. I bought this air mattress new at the end of the summer, but it hasn't seen the outdoors once, and in an effort to pay for other gear, I'm looking to sell it. Many of you probably know exactly what I'm talking about when I say, it's only been used in that "Ah sweet new gear, let me camp in my living room kind of way" and I slept on it a few times in my house. At least this way you know it holds air, right? So, I still have the original box and everything and this thing is good to go. "New" these retail for $169, and if you look hard enough you can find some online retailers selling them for $140. I'd like to get $120 for the pad, but feel free to tell me what you think is fair, keep in mind I'll cover the PayPal and shipping. Thanks for looking, -Steve
  5. FS Sportiva Baruntse dbl boot...$350

    I'm looking around for a pair of mountaineering boots, and found that a pair of size 45 LS Nepal Evos fit me nicely. What difference does the double boot system make? Are these cut the same way? When you list the size, is it the size of the inner or outer boot? Thanks, -Steve
  6. Arcteryx Sale Oct 15/16/17

    Any idea if there's a way I can order over the phone, or which products will be on sale? In the Netherlands at the moment.
  7. Yeee Haw! - Closet Sale

    PM sent on Bibs