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  1. Renting Size 15 Mens Mountaineering Boots

    Yes, it is true! AAI in Bellingham now has a pair of size 15's AND size 16's. Tell all your friends and local NBA players. Graham, gear god, went above and beyond to help me when I was looking for rentals for my dad, and ordered a few pair to have on hand. They even have a set of modified crampons for the 16's.
  2. Beacon Rock tragedy

    Benjio, from a sister up North (and fiancee to one of your guys)... I can't find the words to express how sorry I am for your loss, all of you. All the stories I heard of Nate, and the huge regard with which he was spoken of, and the legendary smile and positive attitude.. my heart breaks for his family-- both "families". I can't imagine what you all are feeling right now, but I know his spirit and love of life will live on in the hearts of his brothers and sisters. Godspeed, Nate.
  3. WTB: crampons and lightweight gear

    I bet you know someone who can get you a screamin' deal on a Big Agnes sleeping pad if you want one. You didn't know I had crazy ninja tricks like that, did you?
  4. Looking for Parents for partners

    Right on Christine! I'm up in Bham with 4 (yes, 4... 1 + 3 wonderful step kiddos) and we all love to climb. Summer is kind of nuts, but 'll definitely drop you a line towards September. It's great connecting with other climbing parents.
  5. Giant boot rentals... size 15?

    Thanks guys. Our trip just gained a different element, too.. my nana (his mom) passed away this morning at the ripe age of 97. We'll be scattering her ashes on this trip. I appreciate the good beta and kind offers.
  6. Giant boot rentals... size 15?

    Fromage, you're amazing. That's very generous. Sending you a PM. We have a few friends hiking in for just the approach up RR grade... I think I'll have my dad use his regular hiking boots for that and enlist a friend to carry the plastics. Thanks again. Have not been able to find an outfitter that carries size 15's, let alone rents them.
  7. Hey CC'ers... hoping someone might have an idea where to turn for mountaineering boot rentals for a men's size 15. We'll need to be able to find compatible crampons, too. For his 65th birthday, I'm taking my dad up Baker (2 days of glacier skills and 2 for summit bids, if weather is good) in late July. He's been training and we're set to go.. except for the damn boots/ crampons. He's got size 15 sleds for feet, and I can't find a rental pair in the greater Seattle area beyond a 13.5. I'd be grateful for any ideas!
  8. R.I.P. Dallas

    My heart is heavy hearing the news... Dallas was such an inspiration; a local pioneer, and an absolute mentor to so many of us. I'm comforted thinking that he was in the penultimate "church" when it was time to meet his maker... Thoughts, prayers, and deep condolences to his family and friends.
  9. getting to Mount Baker

    Ditto. Rent a car, from Seattle will be the cheapest. The prices are ridiculous for car rentals in Bellingham.