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  1. Dumb but honest, I prefer to live dumb than thinking I stolen you a rope. We both know the truth Alex! You are falacious. I never asked you to send the rope without payment, but you do not say that here when people say that I am a thief! That dishonest from you, I clearly offered to sent the rope back and you say NO! So what you want is that I pay for your mistakes, in money or in credibility you have nothing to do but you need it really hard!!!
  2. I know... I never asked to Alex to send it without payment. He got problems with the PayPal account of John Baker (his father maybe?) so he sent the rope 1 week after he was supposed to confirm me the final price. It looked suspicious and I was in vacation at that time. After I returned from vacation the rope was in the mail. I picked it up at the post office and gone climbing with it. It did not touched the ground like my other rope in the same route so it was bizard. I took measurement and checked the rope for problem then I noticed 2 soft spots (not core shot). I already wrote to Alex for returning the rope and he did not answered my concern he said I stolen the rope from him etc... I waited to see if he will make an intelingent answer (in relation to my concern) and then I saw this morning this thread. I never asked to get the rope shipped without payment but when I got it not as described I was really frustrated and it's legit to know that I do not have to pay for something that is not my fault. If I had paid for the rope I will be the guy starting a thread claiming "Beware of AlexBaker" that make no sense. I hope none of you will have to live this kind of situation. Alex said to destroy the rope that is what I did and even now he's not happy and he try to say that it's the coiling he did originally. We all coil our rope like that, Alex clearly know the rope was worth the garbage but he find funny to see how this thread go out... He clearly explained it if you read between the line of the thread here. If the rope was soo good why does he do not taked it back? Anyway I will not answer more to this thread I have nothing to win here but doing this kind of diffamation on a forum is a proof of immaturity and it do not help the communication between persons. Comfort zone of everyone is relative and in my book 2 soft spot and a 52 meters rope sold as a 60m (clearly asked before) is not a sign of confidence about the story of the rope and even in the seller... rope is destroyed now so I did not get any reward from it and it is the same for Alex. I did not stolen it and I did not sold it like some stated here, many people here don't know what they talking about. If it happen sometimes to you you will understand.
  3. Yeah, you're late getting out to the crags so you can top rope solo the 60m route with your double rack that has 6 different brands of cams. LOLZ!!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!
  4. Rope is destroyed I did a video the link will show up soon I upload it on YouTube
  5. That is soo easy to do diffamation on a forum... I will cut the rope in parts and will post the video here. Please stop making me loose my time if I wanted to rip off people I will not do it on my own name. I was not banned from a forum and yes I have a bad english this is why I have difficulty to explain the problem clearly in english (and maybe it cause drama?). Blake, the only thing you said that is true is that I only post in the sale area on some forum. A video will follow soon, I had be better to buy a new rope... If time is money then I lost a lot of both!
  6. Since we got an agreement on this matter do as you promised and please remove this thread!
  7. I offered to destroy the rope in order for Alex to be sure I do not use it because he don't want to pay for the shipping back to him. I wanted to be the more honest possible but it seem here there lot of people wanting to keep a close mind. I also did lot of business with people here but I will keep their name there is no reason to post it.
  8. I can send the rope back to Alex, but not at my fees. I don't know if the rope was cut but it's 52m, I need it for solo top rope and this rope is too short for the use I want to do with it. I will send the rope back at the expense of the seller because it is not like described and I cannot use the item. I can throw it at the Gunks later in the summer or near the 87 in the way for New Paltz so instead of replying anything try to help us (me and/or Alex) or don't answer I think it will be better for anyone!
  9. Never sell stuff "good for retirement" to people without PayPal or you will have to pay to get it shipped back to you.
  10. WOW Alex... I said to you that I will send you back the rope because there is 2 core shot in it and because it's 52 meters and not 60 meters like stated. You don't say that? Also there is 2 major soft spots in the rope so it is good for retirement! But I will not pay a dime because YOU ripped me off. So, you can send me an UPS box with their prepaid service and I will put the rope inside. You will be able to put this rope in the garbage after, because it is the only place where this rope have to go. Maybe some people can do carpet with it or pull out trees but definitely not climbing. And please don't try to sell your crap to climbers and after claiming your got ripped off or that people are dishonest!!! You sent the rope 8 or 9 days after you get supposed to give me a shipping quote and I was in vacation at that time so I waited to get the rope to pay since you sent it without payment. Now please stop making me loosing my time by asking pictures and lot of question via email I am definitely frustrated and insulted by your attitude and from the crap I received from you! I will send your rope back but not at my charge! That honest and fair and you do not have to claim for a rip off because I offered that to you even before this post. Now you can email me if you want to resolve that instead of trying to resolve problems at large here! (Resolving = taking your rope back at your fees)
  11. I want to buy a WC Tech Friend #6 I can pay 50 to 100$ depending on the condition Thanks!
  12. I sent you an email yesterday about the Master Cams...
  13. I have some for sale with the skis...
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