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  1. Dr Martin Mankey

    My wife had a problem with her ankle after an accident and went to see him. He did some surgery and things are good now! She now works at the clinic he's at and he's comes highly recommended. She's picky as heck about her doctors, so that's saying something.
  2. Say what? Missing climber on Rainer

    I clicked on the article again to catch the link at the article you posted (Excellent, btw). I tried to not read the comments, but I couldn't help it. Couldn't help being angry, and couldn't help feeling vindicated by your posts. Way to go, sobo
  3. Serious respect. And dedication
  4. Are we talking full keg or one of the smaller ones? I can remember working in a restaurant and TRYING to move both sizes (ok, I WAS 16). What does one of those suckers weigh?
  5. Rainier without a guide

    RMI does some Sulphide Shuksan. I think they do a 3-4, but the first few days are the "how not to kill yourself" days.
  6. Recomendations for June climb

    NOAA is calling for more snow over the next few days. We went up on Thursday and were postholing up to our knees, getting worse as we went. We saw avvy sign near Hot Rocks. Keep an eye on the forecast and snow levels. At this rate, Hood may be in for quite a while
  7. Conditions on Hood SS?

    We made an attempt yesterday. Got up just before Hot Rocks and finally called it. We'd post-holed in 0 visibility for hours and were exhausted. Hard crusty snow, low visibility. Our water bottles froze with the wind chill. Did see some avvy sign near Hot Rocks and beyond. Gonna try again sometime, hopefully when things settle out!
  8. Conditions on Hood SS?

    We're looking to do in on Thursday. NOAA is calling for small amounts of snow over a few days, mostly cloudy. Forecast went from an inch a day to less than an inch a day.
  9. Conditions on Hood SS?

    We've talked about doing Leuthold, but we're going to probably just do standard route before Memorial Day rush. Be interested to hear what Leuthold is like right now.
  10. My wife works at Orthopedic Physician's Associates on First Hill. Seem to have a good setup, all the sports teams go through them. She goes there as well. http://www.opaortho.com/ Either joints or sports med should be your ticket. Hope you get better!