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  1. Was that you guys by colfax around 3am. We summitted Sunday morning at 1:05 am and saw a few lights below us.
  2. Hey just wondering if anyone had any plans to climb either the Liberty Ridge or Ptarmigan Ridge next week. I will be out on one of them with a few friends. Just seeing if we would be having any company.
  3. Hey Doug congrats on the summit. I am heading up to try that route on 8/10. Any info you could pass on or pictures would be greatly appreciated as this is my first time on the route.
  4. So on the way down from Camp Muir on Friday I found a sack of tent poles about 30 mins. from the trailhead at paradise, they are turned into the ranger station. It looks like they were left shortly after leaving for camp muir. On Saturday a friend of mine while setting up camp near the hogsback camp on Mt. Baker let a pole slide all the way down the glacier. If anyone happens to see it please let me know, it was a main pole from a mountain hardware EV2 tent. Thanks
  5. Just got back from Rainier. The mountain is in horrible shape. Spent thrusday night at Muir in 60+ winds, woke up friday morning around 6am to the same thing. Cleared up around noon and started to head down. first 1500 feet was icy and not too bad, then the rest was whiteout. Not sure why anyone would have attempted to summit on friday night/saturday morning. There was a weather break but everything was way to snow loaded to even attempt.
  6. So does anyone have any suggestions on something "fun" to do other than Rainier. I know the weather is going to blow, but we got 6 days, i checked on Shasta and the weather there is looking almost as bad.
  7. Was he going with a guided group that cancelled trips?
  8. Did anyone see the webcam looking at the mountian today? This morning there was a group of climbers heading up, and then 4 hours later it looked like the same group coming down.
  9. Yeah I've been keeping up on the conditions. I have 4 friends who are flying in on wednesday morning. They are pretty set on climbing rainier but i agree with you Dane that rainier will always be there and conditions blow, with that said i'm going to do my best to find something else to climb. If we end up climbing our plan wasn't to summit until saturday or sunday, friends are coming from ohio, so going to take it slow on the way up. Summitchaser--I saw that forecast and i wouldn't expect to be following a bootpack, i'm not even sure how many people have been up for the past few days.
  10. I didn't hear anything about an avalanche up on Mt. Rainier. I will be starting a climb up the Kautz route this wed. I did find this on the NWAC website of a slab slide on goat mountian. http://www.nwac.us/photos/view/257/
  11. We are going up on the 3rd and taking our time, we may run into you guys, i don't think we are going for a sprint up the mountain. And Jim, that is what i wanted to hear. We used snowshoes this time last year on baker and it sucked
  12. Thanks for all the info guys. Hopefully the weather will hold out and make for a great climb. I will get a TR together quickly after the climb and update the conditions for those of you that will be up in the weeks following my climb. One more thing, should I bring snowshoes for the approach or is it generally melted out enough?
  13. I was wondering if anyone had any info on this route like times from trailhead to high camp, or any other information one may find important from previous climbs. Also I will be up there on 6/3 anyone else going to be on the route for that week?
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