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  1. Trip: Bozeman (Hyalite Canyon) Trip - Various Date: 3/10/2011 Trip Report: Got a great climbing trip into Bozeman on Feb. 26th- Mar. 1st. I love that place. Ice conditions were very brittle/hard....tough screw placements/sticks. It was just warming up when we got there after a long cold snap though so it was pretty nice. Here is a video I made of the trip. Turn up your sound and enjoy. Gear Notes: Ice Cragging Essentials Approach Notes: Trails are all in great shape!
  2. Left on the ground in the parking lot on Sunday evening. Please let me know if you found them. Thanks, Chris Kotke 404-388-0070 bigdamnmmountains@yahoo.com
  3. [TR] Mt. Rainier - Liberty Ridge 7/11/2010

    Hey Steph, This is Chris....met you guys at the Shurmann hut just after you guys got down. Your tried giving me your website. Glad to see you on here. Your pics are amazing!!! WOW!! Anyway, our summit climb also went well despite all the crazy wind. Spent the night in the Crater too and that was pretty cool. Anyway, thanks for posting your TR!!
  4. Hey guys, Just had a couple of questions? Anyone have any idea what the Tahoma Glacier is looking like right now? Considering it for this weekend but haven't seen much action on it from what I can find on the net. If you climbed that route before, would love to hear your advice on it also. Also, we are considering the Emmons for our back up route. Sounds like it is way in! But was wondering how the ice climbing opportunities are looking up at camp shurmann. I've never been up there but have heard there are some seracs you can have some fun on? Top rope? Thanks in advance!!
  5. [TR] Lane Peak - The Zipper 6/26/2010

    It was nice climbing with you guys up there that day. Sorry if we were crowding into you a bit..... Great day though, eh?
  6. [TR] Chair Peak - North Face

    Cool!! OK, well, I would like to get that stuff back to you then. How about sending me an email with your address and phone # and I'll either drop 'em off to ya or mail 'em. My email is belayon@rocketmail.com
  7. [TR] Chair Peak - NE Buttress 2/9/2010

    We attempted the same route on Saturday and got shut down in the exact same spot. Reading your report, I was thinking I could of wrete it. The north face route is looking a lot better from the pics I've seen.
  8. [TR] Chair Peak - North Face

    Hey there guys!! Glad to hear you made it out alright. I was actually part of the group you guys ran into wearing the snowshoes. We made an attempt on the Northeast buttress that day but turned around due to the lateness of the hour and the conditions of the route. Were you guys also the ones we saw just at the base of the climb. We passed 3 climbers that were heading for the north face, was that you guys? Man, the hike out that night was pretty rough. It was pretty when we got down but then the clouds rolled in and it was total white out conditions. We luckily had our own tracks to follow out. Also BTW, on the way up we had stashed our snowshoes just before starting up the ridge. When we got back, we noticed someone had built a cairn out of snow balls and had placed a couple of pieces of pro on it that they apparently thought were ours. It was late as heck so we took them with us but I am wondering if it was any of y'alls.