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  1. Power drilling in Wilderness Areas

    also i dont think you have to climb it to know what its about. its a long slab climb[oh, minus the risk/adveture/commitment]
  2. Power drilling in Wilderness Areas

    we really cant do much [except vote/give $]about the giant coal mine or the burning of rainforest but does that mean we should do whatever in our wilderness. yes its just bolts. we all do what we can. recycle, take the bus, ect... i guess its just the example it sets [every sportclimber rap bolting our awsome cascades, scary!]
  3. Power drilling in Wilderness Areas

    a key question is it a crag or a mountain? if we want to turn it into a crag then id be all for bolting lines up it but in my view its a mountain. also do we want trams all over the pickets. just because europe does it, it doesnt always mean its always for the best
  4. Power drilling in Wilderness Areas

    once again its been established that the face didnt need to be rap bolted to be climbed.
  5. Sport vs Trad

    "How do you respond to my thoughts that all El Cap routes would be impossible without bolts, and that in your view, they would all be closed as they are impossible to ascent without bolts" wouldnt that be rad 4lines up elcap easiest gd 512r A4
  6. IB

    this shit is scarier than soloing that face
  7. IB

    you can go down the west shoulder ive heard its not to bad."its all about the fun!" i told ow i wouldnt comment on this anymore so nevermind
  8. infinite bliss

    thats the point it dosnt have to be climbed. theirs plenty of moderate bolted climbs to do out there and if you want to head to the mountais, do a route within your ability until you get more comfortable. theirs plenty for everyone. and if you must do a long bolted climb go to red rocks i believe their having or have hade a bolt war. and i dont know if that wall could have a classic on it?
  9. infinite bliss

    theirs huge potential
  10. infinite bliss

    i dont think people would mind a few belay/lead bolts but it was a little overkill[17 on one pitch]
  11. infinite bliss

    no i-bs line probibly wouldntget climbed if it was chopped but you try rising to the challenge of the climb/face and takes what it gives you not lower it to your ability
  12. infinite bliss

    thats true, climbers are doing E10 whichis somthing like 513r/x
  13. infinite bliss

    i know im 3 years late but?just had to let that out