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  1. If its a nice weekend it will be a zoo, but thats fine since its a big mountain, it was over memorial day. RE: climbing the chutes - you would do a very low and long traverse and then climb a 35-40 degree slope with no bootpack and the potential for skiiers above so I wouldn't want to do it personally. The south climbing route is fairly direct and pretty easy for car to summit or atleast false summit in 5 hrs if moving steady. In regards to how to exit, I've done both and it may depend on time of year but I find the short 20 minute skin up and back to the ascent route is by far the most enjoyable. I did it 3 weeks ago and didn't have to cary, but I'm sure you will now. Ascending and doing the 3 mile slog out in what is always brutal heat is very unpleasant and takes 1-2 hrs. to the comment earlier, I also never found the around the mountain trail so it was 2-3hours of shwacking. Also a fire in recent years has ripped through there so I can't speak to how the trial is holding up now.
  2. I was up on Cocaine crack and R&D and am pretty sure the accident did not happen on R&D, I don't believe anyone hopped on R&D after us ( top out before 2 and light rain started). There was a group on Bobs wall doing what looked like gear practice. We happened to drive back by after we left to find all the response teams - very sobering and thoughts are with the lady's family
  3. Thanks for posting, I was up there this past weekend and had the north side of the mountain all to myself. Was planning on posting a TR, but the return to work delayed me. Figured I would share some beta from my perspective as well. I was with 2 others and we we had the intent of skiing the NFNWR ridge so two of us climbed the glacier and the other the North ridge. Adams Glacier: We left camp at 5:30 to try and get through the icefall before it warmed, but also time the ski. We reached the crevasse separating us from the icefall at around 10 or so and the icefall was already getting some sun and looked hungry for human flesh, so we also skirted out to the NFNWR and returned to the glacier. I actually felt like the crevasse crossings at the top were on the sketchier side. With more wandering you could probably find other passings that were more solid. Several were a few inches thick and starting to calve inward with cracks on both sides. It may have been a result of us doing it later in the day, but they didn't instill confidence. But nothing collapsed and it did generally go pretty easy. The ski - we met up with our buddy and waited about 2 hours and started skiing down at 3. We headed down the first couple turns of the NFWNR as it steepens, but the snow wasn't as soft as we hoped so we kept heading left to find better snow and skied the NWR. I would say its similarly steep and exposed but not as committing. The steepest section was likely the bergschrund to get back to the adams glacier. Generally it skied great but did have some variability.
  4. Tiger First Admitted Descent [video:vimeo]52908862
  5. I dropped some goggles on on the descent. If anyone finds them please let me know. Smith Prodigy
  6. Does anyone know what was happening on Rt 2 by leavenworth saturday at about 8 am. What it looked like to me was there was 2 stranded ice climbers and a tipped canoe halfway across the river and possible 2 more at the guard rail. Also there was several police and a few ambulances lined up. My only guess is someone ran into problems heading to Drury falls. Anyone know?
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