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  1. The Mountaineering Review

    Thanks, montypiton! I'm pretty sure I'm not one of the Bard brothers, but I do recall when Alan Bard was killed guiding the Owen-Spaulding route on the Grand Teton. I've done that route twice. The first (normally) roped pitch involves a long, exposed traverse. A fall there could entail a long pendulum. Perhaps that is what happened. Anyway, now I'm curious: can you recommend something Alan Bard wrote?
  2. Sasquatch, Big Foot, and Yetis

    Well, maybe it's time for us all to accept what really happened to Mallory and Irvine.
  3. How do you pronounce Bachar?

    I lived in Mammoth Lakes, CA years ago and bumped into John Bachar from time to time. I even jammed with him once (he didn't like my guitar playing). Anyway, people who knew him personally pronounced his name "backer", as in "I am a backer of CascadeClimbers.com". However, I never heard John Bachar pronounce his last name, so I cannot be sure.
  4. Hello. I've seen numerous references to CascadeClimbers.com over the years, and finally got around to checking it out. It's a great website with a hyper-active forum. Perhaps the combination of weather and coffee in the PNW is conducive to hyper-active posting. I look forward to aggravating my wife by browsing this forum regularly. Anyway, after being relieved of employment and finding myself home with two small children, I started a blog called The Mountaineering Review to keep my brain from turning to mush. Have a look!