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  1. Booting up the final choke on the north face of Pioneer Peak. 6,000 feet of descent below the boots.
  2. Rab Ice Category 2013 Photo Submission Thread

    Alaska Range Ice Runnel
  3. Seconding a pitch of steep snow trenching to access the West Ridge of the Broken Tooth, with the Coffee Glacier below.
  4. [TR] Alaska - Ham'n'Eggs, Hunter - Not to be

    Hey Kevin, Thanks for the reply, but don't worry about it. I've got no problem with you. It was probably a little childish posting on here in the first place, but i was getting worked up that your partner wouldn't even reply to me. And still hasn't. But that's not on you.
  5. [TR] Alaska - Ham'n'Eggs, Hunter - Not to be

    Hello there forum, My name is Bryan and I was one of the people climbing above this Jared character on Ham & Eggs. After spending quite a few hours helping the Boulder women get him and his partner off the climb and onto a plane, my partner and I happilly agreed to take a bag of his things out. At his request, I then boxed them up and priority shipped them back to him in Seattle. Well now this guy won't answer any of my damn emails, while finding plenty of time to whip up ten page trip reports and multiple blog postings, and hasn't reimbursed me for the shipping. I climbed the pitch he fell on (before and after his fall) and placed multiple pieces of solid gear both times. I would normally just let the whole thing go, but I am very irritated that he hasn't gotten around to sending off a thank you email for shipping his crap, much less the 40 bucks. I would want help in his situation, and was glad to give it, but would go out of my way to show a little gratitude. Particularly if I had unnessesarily run a pitch way out and fallen, endangering everyone who was subsequently involved in getting me out. So there you have it.