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  1. Trad near Spokane?

    Congratulations! If you're looking for something adventurous, consider the Lion Tamer route on Lions Head peak. http://cascadeclimbers.com/forum/ubbthreads.php/topics/1025757/TR_The_Lions_Head_Lion_Tamer_7 It's the best alpine rock climb in the Idaho Selkirks by a long shot. Harrison Peak and Chimney are fun if you're looking for something short and less commiting. Moderate trad craging of decent quality is non-existent around Spokane proper. Hard sport climbing is where Spokane shines. If you're willing to clip bolts check out Marcus or Metaline - both very close to Colville.
  2. I bought this rope, used it once, and put a crampon point through it 40 feet from the end. Doh! The rest of the rope is in like new condition. If anyone is looking for a light (52 g/m) dry single rope to use as a glacier line or 50ish meter alpine rope, this is perfect! $100 + shipping Email: jeffunderscorezicklerathotmaildotcom
  3. Climbing Presentation Feb 28th Spokane, WA

    Sweet! Looking forward to it, John and Jess. Sooooo beers afterwards?
  4. Newbie looking for first rope

    You can buy the Mammut Supernova all day long for $149. Dry treated and comes with a rope bag. Mammut ropes are durable and handle great. http://www.mountaingear.com/webstore/Gear/Climbing/Dynamic-rope/Mammut/10-mm-Supernova-with-Rope-Bag-Package/_/R-225379.htm
  5. These are new with tags Gore-Tex active shell pants! I got a sweet deal on them but they don’t quite fit and I can’t return them. Doh! They retail for $380 and I’m asking $190 plus shipping. jeff_zickler@hotmail.com http://www.sportiva.com/products/apparel/shells/stormfighter-gtx-pant
  6. For those of you in E. Washington/N Idaho - Mountain Gear is selling 10.2 BlueWater Eliminator Dry ropes for 79.95 out of their retail store! Go get one, or several while they still have'em. Not the lightest rope but for that price, who cares!
  7. 2008 Macbook- $500

    Yo Zach, You attached a link to your listing management page FYI...
  8. [TR] Lion's Head - Lion Tamer 10/1/2012

    Nice job Scott! Beware the rabbit rat on p 3 that bit the tip of Spencer Davey’s finger off. Chalk it up to karma, Dank.
  9. Need a new backcountry powder rig? I’m selling my 2012 Drifts -138/100/123 mm (186 cm) with Dynafit TLT Radical ST bindings and BD ascension nylon STS skins. This rig was used one season (obviously) and apart from a few small dings from normal wear and tear, they’re in great shape! If you’re under 6’ or not terribly heavy don’t be put off by the length - beacause of the early rise tip they ski much shorter than you might expect- I’m 5’11” 175 and I can throw’em around easily. I paid over $1400 retail for this setup and I’ll let it go for $650. Includes shipping! EDIT - Will also sell JUST the skis and skins for $400 shipped! Have questions? Email me at jeff_zickler at hotmail dot com
  10. BD Drifts 186 w/ Dynafit Radical ST & Skins

    Moday morning bump. I know all you other office drones are on CC.com rather than working anyway...
  11. BD Drifts 186 w/ Dynafit Radical ST & Skins

    Bump for price drop!
  12. BD Drifts 186 w/ Dynafit Radical ST & Skins

    If I sell just the skis and skins I have someone local who has first dibs on the bindings.
  13. BD Drifts 186 w/ Dynafit Radical ST & Skins

    Here ya go - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qYDcuAwmdjs
  14. BD Drifts 186 w/ Dynafit Radical ST & Skins

    when the brake is actuated the brake bars move out laterally and down. Yes, they're radical! Could post some photos later, but I'm sure there's a multitude of youtube videos that show the brake action.
  15. BD Drifts 186 w/ Dynafit Radical ST & Skins

    Price drop, and I'll pay for shipping!
  16. LR at 2:17 made me cringe! Even in retrospect that wasn’t fun.
  17. BD Drifts 186 w/ Dynafit Radical ST & Skins

    Would rather sell it as a kit.
  18. BD Drifts 186 w/ Dynafit Radical ST & Skins

    Bump. Photos added
  19. Found on 9/1. PM me if it’s your’s.