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  1. Worn once in the snow for a day trip, $250
  2. Used once on the summit, like new no stains or rips, $250
  3. Worn once in the snow for a day trip, $250 Pics here: https://www.icloud.com/sharedalbum/#B0X59UlCqS4I7l
  4. Never used, tags still attached. $250
  5. OR Expedition Crocodiles

    Minimal use, small scuff on inside, $40 Pics here: https://www.icloud.com/sharedalbum/#B0X59UlCqS4I7l
  6. Set of axes, adze and hammer w/ leashes. Tools are 57cm and in great shape, leases have some nicks, $100 for all Pics here: https://www.icloud.com/sharedalbum/#B0X59UlCqS4I7l
  7. Used once, stainless steel, C-clip, $80 Pics here: https://www.icloud.com/sharedalbum/#B0X59UlCqS4I7l
  8. Used once on the summit, like new no stains or rips, $250 Pics here: https://www.icloud.com/sharedalbum/#B0X59UlCqS4I7l
  9. Asolo Dbl boot - Size 12

    Used a handful of times, great condition, $75 Pics here: https://www.icloud.com/sharedalbum/#B0X59UlCqS4I7l
  10. Tent with footprint, $280 Pics here: https://www.icloud.com/sharedalbum/#B0X59UlCqS4I7l
  11. I have a few things I would like to clear out. MH Xenon Jacket, size XL, tiger (orange), Gore-Tex Paclite @ $90.00 This shell has been used lightly, no tears, rips, or wear, solid jacket the fit is just a little off for me, I would say it is a slightly larger XL. MH Alchemy Jacket, size L, peat moss/titanium. Gore Windstopper @ $70.00 Just the opposite on this one, the fit is slightly trim for a L, lightly used with no tears, rips, or wear. Marmot Couloir 0° bag, long LH zip. 800+ fill @ $180.00 Made a last minute change with Marmot and grabbed this 0° bag instead of the 15° I was after. Never been used, stuffed once but the trip was cancelled. The bag is just plain more than I need being a warm sleeper. Arcteryx Gamma SV glove, size L @ $35.00 Never used, awesome glove but my hand doesn’t fit into a large in this glove. Asolo AFS Evoluzione, size 11.5 @ $140.00 Lightly used, after going from their Lhotse Gv to Broad Peaks and then to the AFS I’ve determined that my foot/heal just doesn’t like an Asolo boot. Luckily they are happy in a pair of Scarpa boots. PM if you are interested in anything/pictures. Local Tacoma/Seattle sales preferred
  12. FS - jackets, gloves, bag, boots

    UPDATE: The Bag and gloves are sold, jackets may have found a home in TX, Boots still need to find a home...............
  13. FS - jackets, gloves, bag, boots

    Updated post w/pics. MH Xenon Jacket, size XL, tiger (orange), Gore-Tex Paclite @ $90.00 MH Alchemy Jacket, size L, peat moss/titanium. Gore Windstopper @ $70.00 Marmot Couloir 0° bag, long LH zip. 800+ fill @ $180.00 Arcteryx Gamma SV glove, size L @ $35.00 Asolo AFS Evoluzione, size 11.5 @ $140.00 PM if you are interested in anything.
  14. Celiac's disease

    I doubt my father pick up some of the Canadian stuff so it must just be that the levels are low enough that it didn't cause him any issues. He tells the story about picking up some coffee at the rest stop early one morning and the lady offered him some red licorice, figured what the hell no biggie, turned out that 2 little strips of red vines kept on the shitter all day. Enjoy finding out what your threshold is!
  15. Celiac's disease

    goatboy Another thing, not sure how far into this you are but Fred Meyer has a great GF section to shop from. The u-bake double chocolate and chocolate chunk cookies are great. You can find some oatmeals out there the are pretty good as well. PM with an email address if you would like some more specific info.
  16. Celiac's disease

    So, my dad has been hit by this disease (4 years now) and in the beginning it was no beer, YIKES!, only Mikes Hard Lemonade but AB is brewing a Redbridge beer that is pretty damn good . Sometimes difficult to find, surprisingly many Walmart stores carry it, and we just found some at a gas station in Naches on Sunday so it is getting out there. As for the eating habits of a climber/alpinist....not sure what you eat, but I can say that most of the things he carries out hiking and/or hunting haven't changed all that much. There are some great bars out there, LARA, Bumble Bars, and ThinkThin (protein). He doesn't use any GU so I'm not sure of the label on that one. Bread is the tough one, you can buy the stuff that is rigid like styrofoam or the shit that crumbles in the pack, either way they are total crap! The best bread, yes I eat it too when I'm around, is the good stuff that mom bakes up. Trail mixes, cheese, jerky don't seem to be issue for him. Hope that helps some, I'm sure the lead on the beer will!
  17. Jones fracture

    About 5 weeks ago I found myself on the unfortunate end of a fracture of the 5th metatarsal in my left foot (running accident) and I've taken to our forums here with even more lust while on the couch with a beer in hand . Foot elevated of course. As the winter gear I had on order before this "issue" came about gets dropped off by the UPS guy and I find myself with 4 more weeks of zero weight on this foot, I thought I would ask the question to the group.... “What could I expect to experience in regards to recovery, from the point of view of a budding alpine climber?” Has anyone out there dealt with this same fate? Right now the only joy of my previous life in the outdoors would be the pack on my back to carry the beer from the store since my lame arse is stuck in these crutches. Any words of encouragement out there?
  18. climb this weekend?

    sent pm
  19. [TR] Mt. Adams - South Col 6/14/2009

    Nice Job! Question, my party and I are planning to climb this Thursday (18th) evening/summit Friday morning and your comment about the Slednecks have me wondering..........would my "big rig" make it up to the far camp parking lot? Were there any blowdowns over the road? Maybe some chains and a fair amount of luck would get me there. What say you?