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  1. Of course, but what they fall onto and how far they fall would not start a longwinded physics debate, thus giving us nothing to talk about.
  2. So when one quits and the other keeps straining that means they become what, DIFFERENT???
  3. Landis Kicks Ass

    He spent almost 2 million on his defense, sucks to be him.
  4. It is my fault, I shoulda made my statement more clear so those of us with less developed brains could understand what i was trying to say, sorry Choada.
  5. Landis Kicks Ass

    F**k no. That's not what im saying at all. Then it would just be pro wrestling and we have all seen how that has worked out for those athletes in recent years. But almost no one outside France cares about this race anymore, if anyone from a foreign country is gonna win they just start attacking him in the media.
  6. Nothin happens instanty. You know far too little about science to lecture me. The thousanths of a seconds in difference when an object comes to a stop can be the difference between being shaken up and being bagged up. Keep calling me Aristotle, it only shows how fucking stupid you really are.
  7. I didn't say that they would be going faster fuckstick, I said they could go faster before causing rope strectch, it seems you are the one too retarded to understand words.
  8. The rope isnt a non-issue because it will stretch and slow the descent of a heavier climber when it will become taught and jerk instantly when encountering a lighter climber, they both use the rope but it doesnt react the same way.
  9. I said the smaller person could go faster before causing stretch in the rope. Read a post more carefully next time before you want to repond to it.
  10. That's the point when someone very light falls they can be falling much faster than someone of normal size before the rope strectches. The speed at which they fall is the same as a normal sized climber, but when the rope becomes tight and they stop without any stretch this results in higher G forces exerted on the person, i.e. higher risk of injury
  11. Landis Kicks Ass

    Call up R. Kelly, or wait bill isn't underage.......damn
  12. Landis Kicks Ass

    And I see you are keeping up on being a pathetic fuck with no life. Go search fox news for more "facts" to support your "beliefs". You are good at one thing though you follow directions well.
  13. Landis Kicks Ass

    The whole damn sport is dirty, he just got greedy and took something that would show up in the test.
  14. The Day of Islam

    Thank you for being able to see i wasnt serious. I agree I think Snipers, spec ops teams and assasins would be working overtime for quite awhile if such an attack were to ever take place. Like an industrialized verson of what happend to Black September.
  15. The Day of Islam

    Easy? you're the one who though you were being clever responding to a troll.
  16. Landis Kicks Ass

    Damnit you scooped my thread
  17. Landis Out

    Not that anyone cares or didn't know it was gonna happen anyway, but Floyd Landis was officialy ordered to give up his tour de france win.
  18. The Day of Islam

    And anyone as smart as you think you are would know that was a troll.
  19. The Day of Islam

    So letting thousands of our troops die, while they are accomplishing next to nothing and Al Qaeda and Iran want to nuke us is a better idea. You're a pathetic jackass KKK, go find some worthless tidbit of information to start a new thread with thats all you're good for.
  20. The Day of Islam

    Day of Islam my ass, These terrorists aren't very good at history. Anyone remember world war II. They nuke us, global warming with be the least of the worlds problems with all the nukes that would be flying over to the middle east. Glass over the whole fuckin region and tap the oil i say, im tired of their shit.
  21. Sate Senator Sues God

    Yes, god should set a good example to all of his faithful followers and reply to the lawsuit instead of hiding up in heaven.
  22. Sate Senator Sues God

    Hah A Nebraska jury would never find against god!!
  23. Another US Attorney (asst) loses job

    Holy Shit. It's nice to know such fucked up people have so much power. And the part about a mother looking for people to have sex with her daughter was just depraved, cause you know there must actually be people out there who do that.
  24. Hillarycare part deux

    Yeah those jokes from the 90's about people supporting President Clinton................and her husband are about to get alot less funny for republicans.
  25. Hillarycare part deux

    Do you have any intelligent reason for opposing the use of something that would otherwise be wasted, to save human life, or are you just stupid?