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    Tasered? Why the torture?
  2. John Bachar Dies Free Soloing

    What a sad day. RIP John.
  3. [TR] Index - Davis-Holland to Lovin' Arms 6/23/2009

    Nice pictures. Thanks for sharing.
  4. Beacon opening

    Just reporting what is.
  5. Beacon Will Not Open Early This Year

    What is a "non-Joseph folk"?
  6. Beacon opening

    I just spoke with Beacon Rock State Park. They are planning to open the south side to rock climbing on July 15th. This is not a set date, just a date they are working toward. She did mention the rock will not open early this year
  7. Sport 101: Lowering off of Chains

    Unless you are lazy and are mostly a trad climber. why would a trad (free) climber have daisy chains on? Unless you are lazy and mostly a aiding while free climber. Daisy chains are used for various aspects of climbing. I use mine for clipping to an anchor. I don’t aid climb much so I don’t use them for that. I also have been known to clip bolts and place gear all in the same day. The laziness I was referring to was my own. In my opinion, there is no need to remove my daisy chain simply because I am about to climb a sport climb.
  8. Sport 101: Lowering off of Chains

    Unless you are lazy and are mostly a trad climber.
  9. Honduras Smack Down

    Heard this morning on Glenn Beck: "we need to have a revolution...peaceful of course...before your freedom is taken away forever!" Any takers? I don’t remember Glen Beck or Michael (wacko nutjob) Savage asking for a peaceful revolution when Bush was slowing “taking away your freedom”. What a bunch of hypocrites.
  10. Bleed the freak

    Man do I miss Lane. [video:youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5PYegfhgiZo
  11. I GOT....

  12. Honduras Smack Down

    Agreed on your first point. It is a little hazy. I also think that was the point of Gitmo. If they are not being held on American soil, they will not be given the same rights. I think that policy is lame. They are humans first and foremost. Second, they are completely 100% innocent until our government brings charges against them and finds them guilty in a court of law. “Innocent until proven guilty” is the foundation upon what our judicial system, foreign or at home was built upon. When you hold someone indefinitely just on suspicion alone, I believe you travel down a very slippery slope. Wait until they come and get you solely on suspicion. You will not like it. I believe our county needs to lead by example. Therefore, treat everyone the same. Everyone. You are right Bush was not impeached. That is because the democrats are just as corrupt. Nancy Pelosi should be behind bars, just like Cheney. They did not even try, even after Mr. Bush admitted to breaking the law (wire taps). All of Washington is corrupt. That is the problem. Divide and conquer. Its working.
  13. Health Care Is a Right, Not a Privilege

    Yeah. And if they need a glory hole you would apply right?
  14. Honduras Smack Down

    You sure about that? I seem to recall the last eight years pretty well. In my humble opinion, Mr. Bush and his team of elitists have shredded the constitution, like Gitmo for example. Mr. Bush has set aside human rights for profiteering. Yet where are these “plenty of people that are not wiling to let the constitution be cast aside”? Are you one of them?