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  1. New REI Bitch Thread

    Found this spot for those fighting the evil empire: http://www.cafepress.com/buy/black/-/pv_design_prod/p_781758.10932895/pNo_10932895/id_4334687/?click=true&CMP=KNC-P-SET1
  2. Found this below at fatwallet.com for Sierra Trading Post after I had bought some stuff. Dont know if it works. The coupon code was good yesterday. To get the 4.8 % you need to register with Fat Wallet. If it works let us know. Screwwed myself out of some money by not researching enough. Plus, you can use Coupon code 51666 for 20% off a $75 order as well as receive $20 off $50+ with Google checkout... and 4.8% CashBack Plus, you can always try to get free shipping, explained here or use kaarukun's method: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- - Add item - Go to cart - add 20% discount and apply - pay by paypal - enter information up to the point where it gives your the final price - press back until I reach the cart again and it'll show $0 shipping (i guess its a cookie issue) - pay by GCO - shows $0 in shipping --------------------------------------------------------------------------------