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  1. Smith Rock 19-28 June

    I can climb Friday and Sunday, but not Saturday (hanging out with my bro). Can you do either of those days?
  2. Smith Rock 19-28 June

    I'm going to be in Redmond (OR) for the next week or two. I don't have any partners lined up, but would like to get out climbing at Smith as much as possible. Anyone free, especially during the week, that would like to get out climbing? I'm looking to do some sport climbs in the 10 range, or trad climbing below that. Send a PM if interested. Casey
  3. I'm spending a couple of weeks around Redmond and would like to get out and do a fair amount of climbing at Smith, and maybe get a couple summit climbs in as well while I'm there. I haven't done any cragging over the last year, but normally lead 9/10 sport and 7/8 trad. I'm in good shape for the mountains though, and would be interested in Washington, Jefferson, the Sisters, and Broken Top as day trips. Casey
  4. Great (but older) Leuthold Couloir TR

    Hmmmm....it does seem obvious in the clear. Even in a whiteout a compass bearing should indicate the right couloir. Oh well, I guess everybody likes to ignore this guy:
  5. Volcanoes next week

    Would like to get out on the volcanoes next week, prefer 1-day ascents, but could do 2. Can go Mon afternoon, Tu, W, Th, & Fri. Dog routes ok, but game for others. Rainier, Baker, Adams...skis preferred Casey
  6. Mt Hood Cnditions

    Hmmm. Pearly Gates still don't look too good for skiing...
  7. Climb Rainier next month???

    If the weather looks good I'd be into giving Rainier a shot Tues/Weds next week via whatever route...Kautz, Fuhrer Finger, DC, Gib Ledges...
  8. May Rainier Conditions?

    Thanks for letting us know...
  9. Lost a Black Diamond Avalanche Probe in an orange sack on the South Side of Hood last Thursday (APR 5). Became separated from my pack while skiing down I think, but no idea where on the route. Anyone come across it by chance?
  10. Pearly Gates vs. Old Chute on Mount Hood southside

    How is the Old Chute for skis right now? The normal route looks pretty spicy!
  11. Vantage Route Name?

    Likewise...I'm sure the two in our group appreciated the chance to use your toprope. It was my first time in the area - great place to climb. I look forward to going back.
  12. Vantage Route Name?

    Yeah, I was one of those people climbing at the Middle East Wall Saturday. Were you the guy I was talking too about carabinier brakes and munter hitches?
  13. Vantage Route Name?

    Thanks, I don't have the guide so a quick glance must have missed it. And yes, while the tower is a pile of choss, as long as you grab the big holds on the route (and stay on route) it is fairly solid (and kind of fun). I tried scrambling up the gully to the east and decided against topping out for fear of dying a stupid death by slipping on the loose rock.
  14. My friends and I did a quick warmup before heading over to the Middle East Wall on a bolted route on Agathla Tower that starts on a platform right above the trail (sort of SW side I think). Anybody know what it's called and what it's rated? Just curious since I didn't see it in the Yoder guide.
  15. Yeah, I was out there too on Saturday...were you one of the snowshoers that summitted? It didn't look like too many people summitted on Saturday. From the tracks I think I was the only one to head over to the true summit. The ski down was super icy, but at least it made going down quick.