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  1. Aconcagua 2012

    To all those who are still concerned - the summit was fantastic and I met some really amazing people while in Argentina. I want to thank the Muleters and the people I tented with at 21k during the nasty storm - you know who you are and wow!!! Anyone up for denali in 2013? Late may or early june???? hmm...
  2. Aconcagua 2012

    This is true, but I have the cash, but really no time to plan and coordinate this climb. Mostly I am trying to get it done within a tight timeline (looking for other people who are in the same situation). Unfortunately, This is the best way and I friends who have done Aconcagua and one who used this local guide service. Anyway, thanks for the advice:-)...
  3. Aconcagua 2012

    Good job with denali - am looking at a guide service - $3,225.00 - would be cheaper than trying to plan our own trip. This is minus airfare... PM me if interested..
  4. Aconcagua 2012

    It would be just the three (or four) and an 18 day climb. I have the itinerary and the cost if your interested?
  5. Aconcagua 2012

    Am planning a trip to Argentina this upcoming January. Looking for two experienced climbers with gear and flexibility. I have the schedule and cost - interested in people (male, female) who have this as one of their goals. It would be the normal route....
  6. Mt Rainier this June july Emmons route

    I'm in too!!! Let me know the dates!!
  7. Denali 2011

    Hey - I'm in and have experience on the West Buttress.. PM me and lets make a plan - do some climbing to get to know one another? Dan
  8. Ice climbing 2010!!

    Lets hook-up and go sometime. I am interested in climbing Alpamayo next year and need to get way more experience this winter. Let me know your plans? When and where to go - ok? Dan
  9. newbie south king

    Lets head up to Muir next weekend? Weather permitting... Interested? Let me know Dan
  10. Ice climbing 2010!!

    Looking for Ice climbing partner(s) for 2010. Have experience in mountainairing, but looking to get solid experience w/ Ice, etc... Have weekends to go out - and can plan trips.
  11. Mt Rainier in February?

    I'm in too - have done Rainier before (cathedral gap dc) and have all the necessary gear. Planning on Hood in April too... Really looking for other climbers with similar ambitions, etc...
  12. Weather pending of course... DC route... Totally dependent of weather/route conditions.
  13. Rainier Early August

    Might be able to do 2 day climb in Aug... What is your plan? Have done dc route before in early sept. - lets talk..
  14. New to Seattle and easing back in

    I'd be interested - shuksan and hood this summer... Have to do them on weekends also... I have climbed rainier, adams, baker, and 2 attempts on denali - to 17k. Anyway, I am in pretty good shape now - let me know your schedule - pm me.... Dan
  15. I'd be up for Hood/Shuksan in the near future too... Have climbed Baker, Rainier, and Adams. Have crevasse rescue training using z pulley through AAI and attempted Denali twice - only to 17k.