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  1. May Rainier Conditions?

    Thanks mate.
  2. May Rainier Conditions?

    Greetings, I'm planning a trip out to do Rainier, hopefully the Kautz route. Was planning on a May 15th time frame. What are your predictions for the, park being open, and historically, how is the weather during this time of year? I've read many trip reports and it seems to range from horrible to rather pleasant. I would appreciate any beta on this. Thanks. Regards, Andrew
  3. Early November Route Ideas

    Hello, I am planning a trip to Ranier early november as a training climb for our team that is going to South America this december. I am looking for a route to practice glacial traverse as well as skinning techniques, and preferably a route that I can have a blast skiing down . Does one exist? How about the Emmons Glacier route? I would appreciate any legit beta greatly. Thank you very much, Roland