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  1. Pirate Peak?!

    Has anyone every heard of a peak by the name of Pirate near Glacier peak?? I randomly found a labeled picture that labeled one of the peaks near Glacier peak as Pirate Peak and now I can't find that picture, or anything about it for that matter. yaaarrrr
  2. Washington Alpine Club

    I was wondering if anyone here has ever taken any classes/gone on any trips/or just knows a little something about the Washington Alpine Club. I've never heard of them before, but then again I am still fairly new to WA, and I was considering taking an Avy course from them (largely because it's the cheapest I've found so far for a class that seems pretty frickin' decent). Thanks!
  3. GUNKS - Suggested climbs please?

    Ooo, better hope it stays above freezing! your gonna be freezing your fingers off! There's a great shop called Rock and Snow in New Paltz conveniently on the way to the Gunks that will let you borrow a copy of "The Climbers Guide to the Shawangunks" by Dick Williams, its an excellent guide and Dick is often found at the gunks. Also, be sure to check out the 40% off room and and section inwhich Jesus Saves at Rock and Snow. Also, now that I've left the east cost, I hear there is some pretty amazing ice climbing all over. I know Katterskill Falls freezes in the winter (massive double waterfall of awesomeness). But if your ever at a loss for things to do/places to go, just hit up Rock and Snow and they'll hook you up! P.S. Dropkick Murpheys + Boston + Booze + St. Patty's Day = Fucking Awesome!!!!
  4. On November 29th thru December 1st from 10am to 7pm the Seattle Mountaineers bookstore will be hosting it's semi-annual sale. Everything in the store will be between 20%-80% off! The sale will be limited to stock on hand and will also be open during intermission of the Banff Film Festival.
  5. REI appreciation thread:

    I love how I bought a pair of backpacking boots at REI 3 years ago, wore them on several backingpacking/hiking trips along with using them as somewhat all-purposed winter/wet weather shoes...until my feet somehow decided to grow a wee bit more, so I took my well-worn boots back to REI and exchanged them for a brand new pair of boots....I love it, I only have to buy things once, because once they wear out, or I grow out of them, I can just exchange them for new ones! Whoever came up with this "Return Every Item" policy is brilliant. sheer brilliance.
  6. Newbie needs a partner!

    WTF? what's an acolyte?
  7. Newbie needs a partner!

    Hello! I've recently moved to Seattle from mid-state NY where I fell head over heals in love with climbing at the Gunks. I'm in need of a/some west-coast climbing partner(s). I can comfortably climb 5.9's and I have all my own gear plus an ATC and a couple biners, but no rope. I have followed lead climbs, but never actually lead myself, but I would love to learn. I'd also be up for just some hiking or scrambling..and I'd love to learn to ice climb once the season rolls around here. I know little about where to go out-side of Seattle, so just give me a time and a place and I'll be there! Thanks! -Monika