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  1. http://www.king5.com/topstories/stories/NW_071308WAB_mount_adams_fire_SW.50e19085.html i can see the plume from my house in battle ground. crazy. hope they get the climbers out safely!
  2. cold springs th closed due to forest fire!

    It's open! http://www.fs.fed.us/gpnf/news/2008/20080731a-mt-adams-climbing-reopens.shtml
  3. Hey guys, (some pics are on cl) rope is on ebay, so in 7 days if not sold here, it will be gone. i will end auction early if bought on cc.com. Selling off some extra stuff. I got too much and need to get money to buy stuff I don't have!! Putting here and on craigslist, prices here will be lower than on cl! I can ship for a nominal price, apx 4-6 bucks for lightweight stuff, . I will combine shipping if you buy multiple. I can meet anywhere in the vancouver, wa area. sorry, but i am unable to go to portland at this time. I have pics of all stuff, just pm or reply and I will email them to you. my email is dwellcome at comcast dot net i am 5'10, and about 185lbs. these all fit me good. all jacket sizes are medium/large. different brands fit slightly differently. North Face jacket is xxl Lowe foot fangs crampons. very used, but still in very good usable shape. 50$ Sierra Designs booties camp booties, size large(warm) good 5$ patagonia shell pants, blue, old, good condition 5$ **SOLD** REI gore tex shell jacket, blue and purple, good condition 15$ lowe alpine zip up fleece, w/ pit zips well used, some small holes in arm, over all pretty nice. blue and black 10$ north face summit series, heavy soft shell, goretex lining, pit zips. blue and black. very nice, like new, except the front zipper pull is broke, and wont' zip. 60$ xxl (fits good if i have multiple layers underneath marmot zip up fleece, pit zips, blue and black great shape. 30$ (fits very snug, like a small?) Samsung sph-a920 cell phone. great shape. works beatifully. this has huge speakers for great sound! got my wife a new qwerty texting phone. emei number on request. this is a sprint branded phone. 80$ obo. comes with charger. Thanks for looking!
  4. Sunshine conditions and TJ road

    jimmy, thanks man. really appreciate the info. were going to be doing some crevasse rescue practice on the Eliot next Sunday, our plan was to head up and camp on the snow dome, then get up early and climb Monday night. but with the way you described it, and from what i remember of all the rock coming off the summit last year we did this, i think we will call it a day and not climb. we'll go ahead and wait until things get a little snow covered and frozen over before attempting it. thanks again!
  5. cold springs th closed due to forest fire!

    just heard back from the rangers district about the closure, there response is below. we'll see friday what they mean! "The Mt. Adams Ranger District is revising the closure on Friday. Please check our website, call, or email for update on that date."
  6. Sunshine conditions and TJ road

    ha! i've done a lot of white water rafting, so i figured id try kayaking a few years ago. the guys on tv make it look so easy, and i raft alot, so how hard could it be right? i tried it, no class, no one with experience to show me. went on a pretty small river, the upper kalama during late spring, bout killed myself! found out just how different rafting and kayaking are! My climbing partner is worried about doing hood right now due to all the rock, and im getting there with the doc who just got killed. the only thing i've climbed this late in the year are walk ups, like st helens and south sister. your right though, one guy can say its super safe, but yet it can change, or i see it differently, so we'll just need to go and see. its next weekend. and one more thing, why a shuttle, is decent back down sunshine not a good thing? i will try to post more beta in future. you are right, i don't tend to post much!
  7. FF: 36" SMC I-Pickets

    ill take em! and i promise to actually put them to use, on my climbs even! pmd
  8. Sunshine conditions and TJ road

    i read about it. they were decending cooper spur when it happened though. i know that is a high rockfall area, it has a couple thousand feet of steep, loose rock on it. im curious as to the sunshine route.
  9. Sunshine conditions and TJ road

    by committing move, are you talking about the climb over the berg? what is the rockfall potential on this route? ive been on the eliott glacier a few times, we do an annual rescue practice up there, but i've never climbed the sunshine before. From all the pics, and beta i've gathered, there doesn't appear to be any significant rockfall areas. By that I mean it doesnt appear that there are long walls and cliffs of rock above the route. im ok with climbing the berg, just dont want to get hit by a bus on the way!
  10. if the south side opens up by next weekend, we'll be heading there instead. we changed our plans because of the stupid fire! we want to do mazama glacier route on adams, but unless that happens, we'll be down south. good luck
  11. there are quite a few crevasses to the right of the worm flows climbing route. if you stick close to the ridges you will avoid them. if you wander out onto the swift glacier you will find them for sure. i have never seen anyone use ropes and harness on this mountain. that said, i usually carry them, just incase someone on another team wanders to close to those holes in the snow! up to you what your comfort level is. should be good with just good boots (waterproof), and gaiters. ice axe and crampons are always a good idea. that way when you get tired of ridge scrambling you can get down into the snow. remember to take off crampons before you decide to glissade down! we're heading down to middle sister the 2nd and 3rd. you should try that one! pretty fun.
  12. Sunshine conditions and TJ road

    looking for updated info on the sunshine route. did anyone climb it successfully this weekend? what is the rockfall like on the sunshine route, i know it is getting pretty bad elsewhere on the mountain, but how is it on this route? our condolences go to the family of the climber who died this weekend. we will be praying for you!
  13. recent hood pics?

    Looking for some info on recent conditions on ss, or sunshine route of hood. specifically any pics of snow conditions on routes would be great. Thanks!
  14. recent hood pics?

    that is perfect! thank you!
  15. Kids Ropeup

    should ask rumr where she wants to go. not sure she'll have an opinion though!!
  16. recent hood pics?

  17. latest hood conditions?

    Its time to get back up on hood. Has anyone been up lately? looking for pg conditions, possibly old chute if pg no longer in shape. Whats the snow been like lately? heading up friday night. thanks dave
  18. cold springs th closed due to forest fire!

    gettin there. maybe. 50% http://www.katu.com/news/local/25652314.html
  19. Mount ST. Helens climbing beta

    best time to do the caves and the summit is the dead of winter. you have a real good chance of not seeing other people at all. you go now, and its a cluster, like going to the mall
  20. middle sister conditions?

    Has anyone been up middle sister recently? looking for conditions, and any pics. thanks
  21. middle sister conditions?

    those are some great pics. thanks
  22. Mt. Adams Cold Springs fire closure

    http://cascadeclimbers.com/forum/ubbthreads.php/ubb/showflat/Number/816405#Post816405 3rd post down!
  23. cold springs th closed due to forest fire!

    now that was a cool tr! amazing pics