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  1. Thanks for posting this sobering report. I'm glad there were no serious consequences. I was not far away on that weekend. This is looking from Cayoosh towards Mt Olds on the Sunday: Here is a crop from the previous image: While we were there a sharp eyed companion pointed out what looked to be a slab missing from the slope. You can make it out, right of centre on the cropped photo; above and behind the rock toe. I think this is close to the grid reference Matt mentioned. Could that be your slide? We also saw that red helicopter making several drops in the few minutes we were on top.
  2. At least for now, the good old basemap is still available with the direct link: http://maps.gov.bc.ca/imf50/imf.jsp?site=bc_basemap There is another interface at http://openmaps.gov.bc.ca/ This is similar to the one G-spotter mentions, but it seems easier to get contours and less clutter. Unfortunately it doesn't seem to want to show contours on glaciated regions.
  3. BC is the only Canadian province that can claim to be (or contain) a part of Cascadia. Probably the name of the web site has something to do with how the forums were named?
  4. I like to have everything inside the pack. Most people I've seen who take a 45 litre pack on a weekend ski trip have sleeping pads and things strapped to the outside.
  5. They were previously called Clover Point. I ordered a few of the 1:20K sheets and I have no complaints.
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