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  1. I have a Canon SD800. I'm pretty happy with it, but since the battery is rechargeable, if it gets very cold, it won't work. With the screen off, I get a few hundred shots on one battery. I kept the camera in my jacket so it didn't get too cold.
  2. Digital Point and Shoot Rec's

    I've got an SD800 which I'm pretty happy with. I think wide angle is important for climbing shots. The Panasonic/Leica has is 28mm equivalent with 16:9 ratio which I find less useful than traditional aspect ratios. Image Stabilization is not just a gimmick since it allows tripod-free shots in lower light than would otherwise be possible. One potential problem is the rechargeable battery. I would much rather it use AA so that I could put lithiums in and be confident it will work to below -40. The rechargeables haven't failed yet, but I'm nervous and carry a spare.
  3. There are some more photos and the web page has been created. http://59A2.org/hayes/200607/