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  1. Mt. Bachelor Closed to Uphill Traffic!!

    "However if the climbing corridors amount to a few crumbs like Meadows gives, it's not so good." Steven's Pass (Hwy 2) has apparently adopted a similar policy. I was turned around last weekend by patrol - and other options / offerings were not mentioned. A friend of mine who "hosts" on the mountain was unaware of the change; however, he opined that, while on the surface it would be couched as a safety issue, the real reasons are likely related to overcrowding and money. Apparently there has been complaints that the resort has too much traffic as it is (hence the cont. rate increases). Also, he noted that the chair on the backside of the mountain is unregulated. Therefore, if you skin the front side you could ride for free all day on the back. I don't know. I skin for the exercise. If I wanted to do laps on the hill I'd buy a lift ticket. I proposed an "AT pass" for a nominal fee (>$20) to let us hike the hill.
  2. Rap off S side of Dragontail?

    I hope you and your partner had a killer time Buckaroo. The "full meal deal," as you say, was a good deal of stupidity. Maybe I'll TR next time. By the way, did you happen to find a camera (or camera pieces) half way up the route? Best,
  3. Rap off S side of Dragontail?

    If you put those raps in place kurthics, I hope you didn't take offense at my description. Next time I'm up I'll probably add a biner or two, but they seemed solid, well-placed, and did the trick!
  4. Rap off S side of Dragontail?

    I don't neccessarily want to get into the specifics of this climb in order to avoid the common assumptions, comments, and criticisms that would likely follow. Needless to say, we made some mistakes and had some shit happen. I will say, however, that if you travel (with caution) skiers left after the first rap, you will find a second rap station at the far end of a slightly lower ledge. It must be used as it had plenty of (albeit older) slings and rope peices. This rap ends 30m down on a sheer hanging rap (as described above) that takes another full 30m to the bottom. Next time I'll walk off! Best.
  5. Rap off S side of Dragontail?

    Long story short. A series of events resulted in rapping off the South side of Dragontail after climbing the Serpentine Arete on Friday. I haven't seen any beta on this descent, so I thought I would just mention that the second rap station is way to the left (east) of where you touch down from the first, and the third is hanging (two nuts and a sketchy wedged rock as "backup"). Moreover, the last two (of three) are very nearly 30m, so make sure you're on a 60m rope and watch the ends. Best.
  6. Need 35.5 - 36 (UK) climbing shoes

    Perfect! Just what I needed. Thanks darstog.
  7. Need 35.5 - 36 (UK) climbing shoes

    Dear CCers, I'm looking for some rock shoes for a 9 yo with approx size 35.5 - 36 UK sized feet. Also, anybody want to have a kid's climbing day in Leavenworth in a month or two? I've got two awesome boys (7.5 & 9 yo) who are ready to learn the ropes now that were back in the NW. (Sorry if this post should go elsewhere, and feel free to move it as appropriate.)
  8. KIDS/PARENTS -- this is a trial

    Dear CCers, I'm looking for some rock shoes for a 9 yo with approx size 35.5 - 36 UK sized feet. Also, anybody want to have a kid's climbing day in Leavenworth in a month or two?
  9. Discipline is love......

    From Foxnews: "Investigators determined that there is a widespread pattern and practice of the (YFZ) Ranch in which young, minor female residents are conditioned to expect and accept sexual activity with adult men at the ranch upon being spiritually married to them," read the affidavit signed by Lynn McFadden, a Department of Family and Protective Services investigative supervisor. McFadden said the girls were spiritually married to the men as soon as they reached puberty and were required to bear children. A spiritual marriage is one recognized by the FLDS church, but lacking a state marriage license. Texas law prohibits polygamy and the marriage of girls under 16." Kev, I don't get it, first you denounce the physical abuse of children and then you minimize the sexual exploitation of underage girls? How so?
  10. Olympic Flame Detour

    Olympic Flame Reaches Peak of Mount Everest Wow. They really had to divert to get away from the protesters. Free Tibet! (and the pussies had to use O2).
  11. Trekking poles

    Dear Muffy, I find thay laying down best distributes my weight. Does anyone have any thoughts on covering your poles with rubber tips to limit the damage?
  12. Trekking poles

    Nope. These were young, athletic-types, jogging along and using their poles just to keep rythm. On that same trip I did see an 70+ year old man sloging up Asgard with a giant Gregory pack, a huge, heavy wooden ice axe with a metal head, and Sorels (snow boots). He was alternately gasping and exhaling "shit" and "fuck". I was seriously worried at the noises he was making so I casually asked him how he was doing. He smiled and opened up his pack - there was 30 pounds of live golden trout fingerlings in two big bags! He volunteers to restock to avoid having to get a permit. It was beautiful! Therefore, apparently, real cascade hardmen don't use trekking poles; they use full length wooden axes circa 1950. (I'm unworthy)
  13. Colchuck Lake WARNING

    Awesome! Great shots.
  14. Trekking poles

    Seriously though, I'm all for poles on the steeps, but when I saw that many people flicking them into flat, damp terrain, it made me wonder if they have become more of an accessory or habit than a truely useful aid to be used as necessary. Honestly, it made me want to be more mindful regarding my own use of poles; and challenged me to put them away when I really don't need them.
  15. Trekking poles

    From Hugh: "sorry, try again - noticeable widening of trails has been observed post poles." That's certainly one of the affects that we noted. Maybe hafilax or porter can tell us which one of the THREE (count them, 3) comprehensive instructional videos offered by Jayah Faye Paley addresses how to correctly use the poles without damage to the trail?