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  1. June - Ice on Rainier? Rock in Leavenworth?

    I'm considering same course or the Denali prep. from AAI what did you think of it. I'm wondering mostly about the physical endurance and tech. ice climbing aspects of these courses. Thanks
  2. Must Have Denali Gear

    I bought a wm puma sdl for a future trip to Denali. It is very warm the hood is plentifull, the cut is snug. I weigh 160 I was comfortable on very cold nights at elevations of 8000-9000 ft in the winter. in fact I usually had to unzip the bag. I was so impressed with the quality and warmth I bought a wm ultralite 20 degree bag I've spent nights in 0 degrees and only needed to add and extra shirt to keep warm however the foot box could be better insulated. but thats just my opinion.
  3. I have secured a permit for Mt Whitney, Mountaineers Rt. for the period 8-28-07 thru 8-31-07. Would like to travel with another person or party to the summit.
  4. I have secured a permit for the Mountaineers Rt. to Mt. Whitney for the period 8-28-07 thru 8-31-07. Would like to travel with another permit holder or group to summit.
  5. Moving to PNW

    Yakima Valley 2.5 hrs from Raineer, Adams, Vantage, 2.5hrs from Levanworth, 3hrs. from Hood and lots of sun in the spring,summer,fall. Yakima Valley has it all. oh and 3hr-3.5 hrs. from Seattle,Portland or Spokane.
  6. Mt. Hood Climbers to team up with...

    I'm planning on 6 day Denali Prep. in the spring of 08 and an attempt on Denali same year with A.A. How did you like the course? What was the level of fittness you were at during the trip i.e. had you already been working out? can you give some details? I,m 54 and have been stength training and drudge hikeing with loads and snow shoeing, and winter camp stuff,plus climbing. this year Hood, Rainier, and Whitney. Thanks for any info and GOOD LUCK on Denali. I'm planning Hood end of March early April during full moon phase.
  7. boots, boots, boots?

    La Sportiva Glaciers, I waxed mine 4 times before I ever wore them and continue to wax them every 4th time I go out,whichis at least once a month year round. They have never leaked a drop of water and were only damp from sweat. they have been with me for about two years. I will probably buy another pair to replace them. They are very sturdy and accept clip on crampons.
  8. New to it all!!!

    see if there is a chapter of The Cascdians in your area. They are a group centered on backpacking and the chapter in central wash. teaches an alpine travel class every year. They instruct on subjects as clothing,what kind of sleeping bags are available, cooking equipment all the things you will need an introduction on dealing with equipment and they include compass and map, touch on GPS, self arrest, leave no trace and a host of other essential skills. Another source may be your local mountain recue team. Central wa. mountain rescue puts on a very well organized glacier travel couse in Yakima wa. there may be something on that line up there. Good luck, have fun,be safe,leave no trace!!! timy
  9. Randle Wa.

    Is the road from Randle to Mt Saint Hellen's (Jacks') open? I thinks thats hiway 26 but not sure, it closes in winter, is it still winter?
  10. Partners for Advanced Climbing course on Hood

    is the cost the same as on their web site/
  11. rock climbing catagories

    Are there any other photo sites or does anyone have any pics of the mountaineers rt. simular to the ones at the alpineskills site mentioned above? Particularly, looking up from Iceberg lake and what the last 500 to 1000 ft from the summit look like? Pics say a thousand words. timy
  12. rock climbing catagories

    Thanks for all the input!!! I will keep all of it in mind during my outings. The main thing I needed to learn was indeed what to expect a class 3 climb to look like and what to expect my abilities to deal with. While I have only been involved in this activity for 3 years I have learned most from those on the same outing. If I get lucky and procure a permit for Mt. Whitney the quota allows 25 people per day on this part of the trail so I expect not only to see the route going up and down first hand but also expect to hook up with others even if it involves following their lead as I have on a few other outings. Thanks to all who responded. I will travel safe!!!! timy
  13. rock climbing catagories

    crazy-t awsome pics
  14. rock climbing catagories

    I went home and did some reading (freedom of the hills)and the wikpedia site mentioned above. Both sources stated a fall would not necessarily be fatal. the pic from g-spotter looks like it would be fatal 99% of the falls taken. Is this more a class 4 that 3. on my climb simular in looks to this, going up I felt very confident but, going down, frankly scared the shit out of me. thanks for the input timy
  15. rock climbing catagories

    g-spotter perfect, thats what I needed, a visual. I did a couple of climbs like that and didn't know it was class 3 going up is easier than coming back down. Thanks muchly timy