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  1. Mt Hood

    EDIT: Space no longer available. I have Mt. Hood Snow Cat reservations for tomorrow (Friday 5/31/13) at midnight, and space available for a party of two or three. (i.e. drive up Friday evening, get the snow cat at midnight, climb and return on Saturday morning). If you are interested in catching a ride with us from Timberline Lodge to the top of the Palmer Lift, email me at pivaraaf at yahoo dot com. It costs a flat $500 for the snow cat, and we have a party of seven. If we get three more people, that's $500 divided by 10, or $50 each to help out with the cost.
  2. beta on Izaccihuatl and El Pico De Orizaba?

    We liked The Reyes deal. And we also took a tent rather than staying in the hut with all the people acclimatizing (i.e. barfing, nursing headaches, suffering).