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  1. Make me an offer! Or PM me.
  2. I live up at snoqualmie pass, it never got above twenty five today. It has been in the low teens at night.
  3. Glassgow, I agree with you, the ergos are nice, I used to own a pair. I just couldn't justify owning a set when I never used them on anything harder than WI4 leads, when I am leading WI5 I like having leashes. I just never got comfortable with them, paranoid about dropping one, or sliding off a grip. If your going to go leashless, why get the dated ergos, go for the new Nomics by Petzl Charlet. Has anyone tried these beautiful looking tools?
  4. Oh, I forgot to mention, my wife wouldn't part with her Quarks now for anything.
  5. I could take this opportunity to make a shameless plug for my CFBP Tools (on sale in the yard sale section of this web site) but, I won't. My wife climbs with the Quarks and has climbed with grivels and black diamonds. The typical problems women have with tools is weight and grip size. The Quarks are both light and have a low volume comfortable grip. And as far as swing goes, they stick themselves into the ice, very user friendly. My suggestion is to go down to a shop that has a variety, and dry swing the different models(with gloves on etc.). You can get a pretty good feel for a tool just by doing this. Good Luck!
  6. Update on the tools; pics in the "for sale" gallery, $250 OBO
  7. They are the curved handle model, thanks wazzu.
  8. All right, I see where this is going, $250 firm.
  9. Carbon fiber Black Prophets,with android leashes, two sets of picks(one set brand new), in great condition, never dry tooled, never dropped. An awesome swinging tool, still functional in modern ice as well as alpine. One tool has minor cosmetic damage. $250 or higher if I get a good response. PM me with email for pics and further info.
  10. The EVO has 150 gram thinsulate insulation as well as a insulated insole. Check the web site. Might want to look at the ICE EVO, same boot, better lacing to lock in heel, same insulation, I tried the EVO's (non ice), foot moved everywhere, ICE EVO no movement, kick ass boot IMHO
  11. What about a pair of carbon fiber black prophets, curved shaft at bottom, android leashes, some wear, $250 OBO? Have been awesome alpine/WI tools, haven't seen much hard mixed.
  12. I will try to get a digital pic online ASAP, might not be for a couple of days. I will PM whoever is interested at that time.
  13. I have a mixture of climbing holds, mostly Franklin, some Nicros, approximately 6 jugs, 25 medium holds 25 small holds, and a dozen or so jibs. all in good shape, just been collecting dust. Again, numbers not exact, will count exactly for those interested. $100 OBO
  14. Wazzu, I have a set of ergo's, used twice, ice only, $400
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