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  1. Is being a weekend ski instructor worth it?

    Don't do it to get a free pass -- it's not worth it for that. The coaching you get from Level 3 clinicians and the egging on you get from other instructors can really improve your skiing skills, that can be fun. You've got to like people and particularly kids. First year instructors typically "pay their dues" by teaching "never evers" (first time on skis folks) in the beginner pen. Then depending on how well you ski and coach during clinics and exams, you can get teaching assignments with higher level students. Most areas have "minimum required days" that you need to teach during a season -- if you don't fulfill those days -- getting hired the next season or more importantly getting out of the beginner pen will be harder. Try to sign up for multi-week programs slots -- its more fun to keep working with the same group of kids week by week and see their progress. Also learn know the old ski instructor's trick for getting in some actual skiing during weekends when you are teaching both Sat and Sun AM and PM -- a couple of sandwiches in your jacket pocket and a bota bag under your jacket so you can catch a few runs and eat and drink on the chair while the students are queuing in the lodge for lunch.
  2. Fat Skis for PNW?

    I think a 90-110mm waist is about right for general use in the PNW. Tip rocker is very helpful, particularly when new snow has warmed up a bit and is no longer perfectly fluffy. I have a "quiver" 128mm waisted skis for deep days (over a foot of new), 100mm for general use and some 76mm waisted "rock skis" for late spring and summer.