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  1. Saint Helens Re-Opens!!!

    Great News! Looks like we better start saving up our $15
  2. Saint Helens Re-Opens!!!

    They are giving out reservations for phantom permits so they can immediately start raking in the money should it reopen!
  3. Saint Helens Re-Opens!!!

    They ARE giving out permit reservations. Sent my request around the 10th and got it back 5 days later. Got my first choice of dates and a weekend no less. Imagine that.....
  4. Mt Hood - South Side TR's 2006 (post yours here!!)

    Here are a couple pic's from Sunday (14th). Bridge is about gone, would not be surprised if today's heat did it in. Photo taken with camera at an angle so tilt your head to the left. Makes bridge look narrower than it is but shows it is scant 3 maybe feet thick and undercut on both sides 20+ feet: http://www.cascadeclimbers.com/plab/showphoto.php?photo=17959&size=big&sort=1&cat=500 Someone crossing bridge shows actual width: http://www.cascadeclimbers.com/plab/showphoto.php?photo=17960&size=big&sort=1&cat=500
  5. Climb: South Sister - South Ridge Date of Climb: 9/3/2005 Trip Report: I just heard about this from my cousin and had to post it. My Uncle Larry (who started me hiking and climbing in Boy Scouts nearly 40 years ago) along with one of his sons, a son in law and three grandsons went up the South Sister on Labor Day weekend. What is noteworthy about this expedition is Larry was 82 years and 10 months old when he once again made it to a summit he is very familiar with!!! WOW! The proof is in the pictures: Ben and Larry checking out the trail Larry taking a break getting up on the ridge Three generations of Schmidts on the summit!
  6. Climb: Middle Sister-Obsidian Trail to Renfrew Glacier Date of Climb: 10/22/2005 Trip Report: Thought I'd take advantage of what may be the end of the nice fall weather to take a walk up the Middle Sister Saturday. Left Portland at 3am and started up the Obsidian Trail before daybreak. It was an absolutely AWESOME perfect day. Summer conditions except no dust, mosquitos or people. I was set for a leisurely stroll but for one thing. My climbing boots I was wearing (expecting to have to use my crampons) sometimes hurt my feet and I had brought along everything EXCEPT something to treat blisters with. And this time they REALLY hurt. Before I had went a mile I was limping along in pain with blisters on both ankles. Something to do with the way I was walking then made my toes sore also which made the descent awful. Oh well. The creeks are dry up to the PCT. It was beautiful and WARMER up high (with little wind) than many summer days. The glacier was mostly ice on the way up so I used the crampons to the ridge. The snow patch 3/4 of the way up the ridge was mostly gone except the upper part which had a nice boot track and very minor exposure, icy but crampons made it easy. I saw three people heading down as I was crawling up. Had the summit to myself. VERY slow with sore feet. Gosh, I remember the 8 hr car to car we used to do... anyways limped out in the dark. At least I brought a light this time Spent most of the night wandering out of there after dark with my wife one time without a light, not good. All in all it was a great end of summer season trip, sore feet and all. Some pictures: Gear Notes: ax and crampons wish I had better boots
  7. Thanks. I found duct tape works great for that purpose (if you remember it)
  8. South Sister 7/30 around 2:30 pm

    We were on the South Sister same time and saw them also. They never did land anywhere. Must be sightseers?
  9. My wife and I took four of our kids (ages 8-17) in the same route 2 weeks ago. Went in to base of mountain 7/11 and spent 2nd night at 8700' level. Trail is all melted out now. Beautiful sunset. Tried for the summit Wed. but the same steep snow patch about 9500 you mentioned forced us to turn around. Ice with 6-10" of slush over it. Too much for the kids to risk. This has been pretty permanent the last 5 or 6 years. I have been going up there since mid 70's and this steep snow below the summit was never there years ago. Weird, as the glaciers in general are shrinking. Came down Thursday and spent the night near the meadow. Driven out by mosquitos Friday. Even the repellant did not help the kids.