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  1. [TR] Ptarmigan Traverse - 9/2/2009

    Just wondering what the road status was for both trailheads when you did this? How much extra mileage is added on the road due to the closures of the Cascade Ruver road and the Suiattle River road?
  2. So what's the milage from Eldorado TH to the Cascade Pass TH, we're just wondering how many miles are added due to the road closure. Also, are there additional miles hiking on the road on other end due to the closure of the Suiattle River road? Thanks for the detialed info and awesome pics.
  3. Conditions on Baker?

    We were on the Coleman-Deming this weekend in a mix of clouds, sun and rain making for some fantastic rainbows. Made it to the ridge but looking up and down the Deming there was nothing but a sea of white so we turned around only to have the mountain fully emerge form the clouds an hour later, damn. I believe all other parties on the route turned around due to poor visibility. There's a couple of inches of fresh snow on the mountain but now there's a good boot track to the ridge. Precip changed to snow/ice around 8000. Lower on the glacier there's a thin layer of breakable crust over the hardpack. Up higher there's about 2 inches of fresh snow over the hardpack making for terrible cramponing (but maybe decent skiing). Around 8500 or so, can't remember exactly, there's a very large snow bridge. If you decide to protect it make sure you realize how large it is so you aren't anchoring on the bridge (saw some iffy practices). I bet it's perfect up there today! I'm sure someone's having a good climb.
  4. These items are SOLD... But deals still abound.
  5. Alaska Climbing guidebook

    I'm glad you're my good friend.
  6. WTB: ice tools & step-in crampons

    Black Diamond Viper w/ adze, BRAND NEW. Tool is signed by BDE designers (if that's worth anything to ya). Retails $189, asking $125. Make an offer... I'm in Seattle
  7. Can anyone recommend good crags in Australia that will be reasonably warm in September? Sounds like southeast Queensland has some areas with year round climbing anyone have beta on that area?
  8. BTW, I live in Seattle, but can work out shipping if you want something.
  9. Spring clearout, all of the equipment listed below is either new, or in very good shape. It has all been well cared for and would work perfect for the upcoming spring/summer climbing season. Mountain hardware tent, EV 3. Excellent shape, used only a few times, retails $750, asking $400. Black Diamond Viper w/ adze, BRAND NEW. Tool is signed by BDE designers (if that's worth anything to ya). Retails $189, asking $125. Black Diamond Half Dome Helmet , orange. Never used. Retails for $60, asking $40. Black Diamond Helion Headlamp , slightly used, retails $45, asking $20. Works perfect. Black Diamond Ice Screws , older model (w/o the ratchet) 3-16 cm screws and 3-22 cm screws. Slightly used, but still in great shape. New screws retail at $52, asking $15 a piece or $80 for them all. Black Diamond Snow Fluke Anchors (sometimes called Deadmen), 3 of them, $10 each, excellent shape. Ice Ax Grivel, Eagle model used some, but still in excellent shape. Retailed for over $120, asking $60. This is an excellent ice ax, very comfortable to hold. Volie Shovel, Tele Pro with collapsible D-handle. Used but in great shape. Retails for $48, asking $20 MSR Dragon-Fly Stove, Brand New , retails for $120, asking $80. MSR XGK, almost new , and I mean almost. retails for $130, asking $80. Indigo Shovel, Snow Logic model with collapsible T-handle, Brand New, retails $42, asking $25, perfect for backcountry skiing, etc. Headlamp, Petzel Zoom , used, but still in great shape. Uses AA batteries, $10. Crampons, aluminum Stubai . These are somewhat used, but can be sharpened. Are prefect for moderate glacier routes, or alpine climbs that have some glacier crossing (like N-Ridge Stuart) $20 Crampons, footfangs . That’s right, the original. Used, but still good. $20 Black Diamon T2 Telemark Boots , a few years old, but barely used. Has lace up liner, excellent shape, size 10.5-11 depending on your foot. $75, just never really used them.
  10. FS: BD Cobra Ice Tools & Accessories

    Have you sold the cobras?
  11. Yosemite

    Hi everyone, I'm about to leave on my first trip to Yosemite and my partner and I are looking for a few suggestions. We're hoping to take in some crag and multipitch climbs. We're solid 5.10 climbers at Leavenworth (etc) but have been told that Yosemite ratings are stiffer. We're hoping to warm up for a week or so on some 5.7 - 5.9 climbs. S0, anyone have any route recommendations? Thanks for your thoughts. And yes, we have a few of the guide books.